Playing Games with Those Who Want To Go To America


The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program has become the easiest way to go to the great United States of America. But for some people, it has become a business that involves thousands of United States dollars.

“I go around encouraging people to play. If they’re convinced, I charge them L$150 to take their picture and register them. So far I have played over 10,000 people and have made a little over US$2, 000,” said Sheik, a businessman.

Millions of Liberians play the Diversity Visa Lottery yearly in the hope of winning the chance to spend the rest of their lives in America.

“I want to win so badly and have played three times this year. I played last week twice. I played individually and with my family,” Abigail Henry confessed.

Abigail has lost each DV try and blames the men who have taken money from her to play.

“They don’t tell you how to play because they want the money. Playing twice in one row can get you disqualified. I just read it in the guidelines and I know I won’t be winning again this time,” she added.

The fault of not knowing how to browse, register or use the internet cause a lot of people to be cheated in the game.


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