Papa Santa Brings Smiles Back to the Less Fortunate


Over a week ago, Maxson Kpakio, Founder/CEO of Wales Liberia Connect-UK was involved in a three car accident along 72nd junction.

With no injuries and a massive bill of more than US$2,000 for damages resulting from him losing control and slamming his car into the one ahead of him, which subsequently slammed into the car ahead, Max, also known as Max Mixer, a popular radio broadcaster on Radio LIB, and others walked out of the accident without a scratch.

Deep within, Max was sympathetic for what had occurred and pleaded with his friends on social media to help with finances to repair the damaged cars in time for Christmas.

“Despite all the odds, nothing is stopping me from reaching out and living up to my promises. Heading to address CEIO in Central Monrovia with journalists,” he posted on Facebook days after the accident.

Despite what happened, Max prayed that it would not affect his plan to bring a Merry Christmas to the less fortunate that would put smiles on their faces. In collaboration with Mr. Fidel Budy, Secretary General of the Union of Liberian Organizations-UK, and under the leadership of Evelyn Duke Desheild, his prayers were answered, he said.

“We have donated to three orphanages, including Love the Child Orphanage, Christian Orphanage and an agricultural program called Divine Ministry International. During the Christmas, we donated children clothes, food, toys and accessories to Suniwien
Health Center, Redemption Hospital, New Georgia Health Center, and Foya Health Center,” Max said.

Other items handed out included blankets, sanitary pads, books as well as children’s games. Some were given to very poor families and sick children.

Meanwhile, during their visit to Redemption Hospital, which has a large child admission folder, Max and his group met a boy who was reported to have been abandoned by his mother.

“This little boy we were told was abandoned by his mother and sick at the hospital. Please my people let’s join to help this child. Please use your professional contacts especially in the medical field to help this child,” he pleaded on Facebook recently.

Apart from giving this Christmas, Max, whose life was spared to share this testimony, said he has many reasons to be grateful. While his kindness and Christmas spirit were well received, his SOS call for the baby who was abandoned at the Redemption Hospital was also well received.


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