OCL Creates Promising Future for Orphans


With so much effort since 2011 by Orphans Concern Liberia (OCL) to stabilize the education and sustaining of over 200 orphaned children and their guardians, the organization has now added another promising effort in the name of the Ebola Trust Fund.

The endeavor has been praised as being “incredible.” It is sponsored by both OCL and her partner, the office of Senator Geraldine Doe Sherriff.

“Right now we’re working with Senator Sherriff’s office and look forward to working with all the counties where we have our offices, to provide leadership to launch the fund exclusively for Ebola orphans. Based on how much we can raise, that’s how we can show more support,” Mr. Amos Sawboh, Director of OCL said.

During the 2015 holiday season, OCL, in partnership with Senator Doe Sherriff, hosted a charity fund raiser themed, “A Dollar to Help.” L$96,000 was raised and placed in the trust fund.

The fund is in the name of the office of Senator Doe Sherriff. Having such a trust fund will help ensure that the organization works and succeeds.

“I’m waiting for the signatures to finalize our effort. We want to make sure that our supporters’ money is accounted for and used to cater to the children’s needs, and the right things are being done for the kids,” she said via telephone.

On the other hand, Mr Sawboh has described the effort as “a positive,” helping to serve both orphans and Ebola made orphans.

“Whenever we need funds, we use that account to help Ebola orphans and survivors and to run our programs. Anyone can individually or through an institution donate to the account to help Ebola orphans and survivors. The office of the Senator monitors it and keeps it and we hope as the money increases, we will also be able to help more children,” Sawboh added.

OCL is in six counties and has outreach programs such as feeding the orphans through the help of institutions and businesses like Winners betting company.

“They gave us 100 bags of rice and oil, toys, clothes and basic household materials over the holiday season for our 102 children in our program in Gbarnga, Bong County and Brewerville, Montserrado County. We have orphans in six counties that we were able to provide Christmas and the New Year’s for. We’re going to do more fundraisers and also add local content to our work and whatever we do this 2016,” he said.

Also, the organization honored Mother Victoria B. Young in December with an award for being the first woman and humanitarian to open an orphanage in Liberia.

Four awards are to be won by individuals and institutions in honor of Mother Young. One of the awards is the Mother Victoria B. Young’s Excellence Scholastic Award. This award is given to a child with the highest performance average and exemplary conduct in the orphanage.

“That child will be used as the face of orphans in Liberia. That child is going to be mentored and also involved in school exchange,” he said. “There is also Mother Victoria B. Young Care Award to orphanages that perform very well. And there’s Mother Victoria B. Young’s Heart Award for individuals who care for orphans; and the Humanitarian awards,” he disclosed.

OCL has its mind set on raising the number of children in its outreach. Amos Sawboh feels helping kids at the community level, maintaining OCL’s mentorship programs and finding intervention opportunities to work with orphans being released from the orphanages will guide and protect them.

“We will take on intervention of orphans from 16-18 years old because that’s when a child graduates from an orphanage home. We’ll use two years to mentor the child so that after leaving the orphanage, the child will have something to take into society,” he added.


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