Now that Quincy B is Laid to Rest, What’s Next?


His mother’s two wishes

Mother Christiana G. Burrowes has been through a lot in the past few weeks since the passing of her son, Quincy B, whose death moved thousands of people who turned out at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia to accord him the funeral of a national hero.

“Quincy B wanted to establish a school of music to lay a foundation for our family and with the help of God and all of you who loved him so much, I hope this can happen,” Madam Burrowes stated via a telephone interview.

She said her son had one wish he woke up with every day and that was to dedicate himself to what he was so good at: making music.

“When we left for Ghana during the war, I had a lot of land and when we returned all was taken away and sold. I was ready to fight (for the property) in court, but my son told me that he would buy us land to build on,” she recalled sadly.

Recently, two groups created a Gofundme account to raise money to assist the Burrowes family with burial expenses and also to sustain them afterwards. An account represented by DJ Flexx in Australia delivered US$1,125 to the grieving family to help build Quincy B’s grave.

Donors have assured that more money will be raised and Lewiz McCarthy, Quincy B’s manager, will be contacted.

Meanwhile, there was another Gofundme Account created in America by Sonie Gr, Eric Geso’s manager.  So far they have generated more than US$7,500 and, according to the donors, the account has a target goal of US$10,000.

“This is how this site works. Once our goal has been reached, the account will close but that does not mean we cannot continue to raise more money for other reasons. The way his grave needs to be hurriedly protected to ward off any other rumors, we can raise money for that,” they stated.

Meanwhile, there are 34 days left to raise the targeted amount and once the amount has been obtained, they say that the money will then be presented to Quincy B’s mother to care for his daughter named Quindy, and the parents.

With that said, the money being raised is safe and has not been released to anyone’s account, according to Infectious Michael.

“I told the family that I will continue to support them with whatever they need and that they can depend on me. Right now we are in the process of trying to straighten everything out, including any business deals Quincy B might have had before his passing, including his contracts,” he assured.

Mother Burrowes is appealing to the public for two things:

“I need land, at least 5 acres, to make my late son’s dream come true – for a musical institute and school to help so many artists become the best that they can become.

“Secondly, Quincy B promised me a place to stay. Right now we are not in our own place but my father’s house. If anyone is willing to help us with land for both projects so that I can keep all my family together because that’s what Quincy wanted, that will be the greatest gifts to me,” she added.

Anyone willing to help should contact Taku on (+231) 770 236 007. Those willing to donate further funds to secure a family that solely depended on their son to complete their lives are asked to donate.

During the writing of this article, mother Burrowes informed this reporter that she was visiting her granddaughter, Quindy, and the child is doing fine.


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