Present L$200K to UP Chair

Over 200 women representing the nine political districts of Nimba County over the weekend gathered in Sanniquellie, the county’s political capital, to rally support for the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph Boakai.

The women under the banner of ‘Nimba Women Conference’ bought together women, including those representing the Muslim community, from across the county.

To prove that they have what it takes to support the VP, the women collected over L$200,000 and presented the amount to the office of the Vice President for use by the campaign team in the upcoming October elections.

Unity Party Chairman Wilmot Paye said the support from the Nimba women conference for Vice President Boakai is a clear demonstration of their commitment.

“The women were excellent; they did well to come from across the county representing the districts’ women leaders. I am talking about opinion leaders; what more can anybody do to demonstrate commitment to you? Recently, a group of professionals came together and pledged similar support to the Vice President,” Paye said.

He said that the raising of funds by the women for the Vice President is not a normal practice in Liberia, urging that other counties should take a cue from the women in Nimba.

“Just look at the reality, they even collected their own money and they did not tell us. They have never done this for any politician in Liberia; when the women say it, they mean it and when they mean it, they say it. We want to appreciate them and encourage all of the grassroots people across this country to take a cue from their examples,” Paye added.

The Unity Party chairman urged grassroots groups to take ownership of the process by supporting Boakai.

“When Obama wanted to be president of the United States, the grass-rooters took ownership of the campaign. Not that Obama couldn’t raise one or two cents, but they wanted to demonstrate that he was their own, their identity; and Joseph Boakai is the identity of the ordinary people,” Paye said.

He then called on the rest of Liberians to do what the women of Nimba have demonstrated, adding that no commitment can speak louder than the women’s action.

The brains behind the organizing committee of the Nimba Women Conference, Felecia Yormie, said the women’s support for the Vice President is due to his untainted public service record.

“Boakai is the most qualified indigenous Liberian. In Liberia, men always want to be the head, but for a Liberian man to serve as vice president to a woman for 12 unbroken years, that person –Boakai, got to be humble, honest and God-fearing.” Yormie told the Sanniquellie gathering.

She continued: “The Bible says humble yourself and He will lift you up. The Vice President worked with the President for 11 years now without problems; it means we should pay him back by making him our President.”

Madam Yormie said their rallying for women’s support for the Vice President goes beyond Nimba, adding that they are building relationships with women from Grand Gedeh and other counties.

Representing Vice President Boakai, Madam Magdalene Dagoseh thanked the women, adding that she was pleased with the turnout.


  1. I applaud the WOMEN of Nimba; for their support of the Honorable Vice President, J.Nyumah Boakai. Mothers know better. With his Wealth of Knowledge, the V.P has a better understanding of Liberia’s PROBLEMS.

  2. Bravo to the women of Nimba!! We must get our country back. Boikai is the true son of the soil. A big memorial service is under way for all of our indigenous heros that died during the civil war. And that is right after our own belly born is elected president.


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