New Kru Town Women Speak Out Against Redemption Hospital’s Former Chief Administrator


It has been a bit over a year since a fugitive Liberian doctor accused of double child rape in the U.S. was allowed to stay in Britain while on the run. Tobias Bowen is presently still wanted for those charges in the U.S. and has yet to be apprehended because of the “safe- haven” Britain has twisted for him.

New Kru Town women are in fear Tobias Bowen could return to Liberia.

“Dr. Tobias treated some of us and was someone we got used to. Knowing that he is accused of committing rape twice, we wonder what that means for our children. Liberia is poor when it comes keeping people like Dr. Tobias out of here and away from raping again,” Ma Tanya Cole said.

Westminster, Britain magistrate’s court over a year ago allowed Tobias Bowen (pictured) to stay in Milton Keynes with his family, after he left Liberia on vacation.

Four years before then, in March 2010, New Kru Town’s trusted doctor fled New York for Liberia while on a $10,000 bail.

He was charged with two counts of raping a child.

“Rape in Liberia is worse then murder. And if someone is brave enough to rape a child not once, but twice, then imagine what might have happened here in Liberia while he was here,” Ma Tanye wondered.

Fear has gipped the women living in the boroughs of one of the most highly populated environments after the news of two new rape cases surfaced from Caldwell and New Kru Town.

A community where many girls under 18 years old are either pregnant or have given birth children, there is no night protection or patrols there to observe activities that go on at night.

Meanwhile, Jubeh Passawe of cotton Tear community feels the government needs to be strict on those who are accused of rape in or around Liberia and not allow them access to companies or organizations that deal with children.

“He did well as far as showing leadership in the hospital, but I knew something was too tricky about him. He hid from us that he was a wanted man and still is. How sure are we that he’s not in Liberia,” Jubeh questioned.

“We appeal to the government to please put a travel ban on Tobias from entering into Liberia until he answers to the charges against him,” Jubeh begged.

Meanwhile, sources working at Redemption Hospital say Tobias Bowen has not been on the premises since he departed in April 2014.

“I assure you that we care about the safety of our patients. Though he is innocent until proven guilty, we have our patients to protect,” added our source.


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