Mother of Murdered Son Needs Your Help


Caldwell, Bushrod Island- A grieving mother is still seeking justice a month and a half after her son was brutally attacked in front of his family and community.

Police have yet to arrest suspect Emmanuel Swen, commonly known as Poor Boy, for stabbing 25-year-old Jerry Lewis, otherwise known as X-Polay, in cold blood as he ran for his life and pleaded for mercy.

X- Polay died as a result of his injuries.

On the evening of August 20, 2015, it is alleged that X-Polay was stabbed dozens of times in his chest, temple, back, shoulder blade, stomach, forearms and hands as he tried to run away from Poor Boy.

His sister and community members watched in horror.

“It keeps me up at night,” his mother, Louise Doe, told the Daily Observer last Friday evening. “It keeps me up during the day. I keep thinking what would have happened if I had come on time. Poor Boy would have killed me too.”

Ma Louise remembers the shock, horror and sadness she felt when she saw Poor Boy frantically running around with her son’s blood dripping off his hands minutes after he stabbed him over a dozen times.

“Poor Boy started stabbing him in front of our neighbor’s house until he reached on our front porch. I could hear my brother begging Poor Boy not to kill him over a minor fight they had hours before. He asked Poor Boy if it was worth killing him,” X-Polay’s sister, Handfoot, stated.

Ma Louise says she cannot wipe away the memory of seeing her young son sitting in a pool of his own blood. Picturing X-Polay holding his intestines after being stabbed in the stomach, Ma Louise says he bled all of the blood in his body on their front porch.

“I said, ‘Aye God, dah my baby here’” she recalled, “and he fainted into shock and couldn’t breathe good because he was holding his intestines in both of his hands.”

X-Polay died of his injuries one week later.

“It weighs heavily on our minds and hearts because he was a man who didn’t bother anyone. Knowing that Poor Boy is still walking around with the knife he used to kill my son is fearful,” Ma Louise said.

The Liberian National Police (LNP) has not arrested anyone for X-Polay’s murder, but have Emmanuel Swen as the prime suspect. X-Polay’s mother said her family witnessed exactly what happened that day, placing poor Boy as their prime suspect.

“It is extremely frustrating for me knowing that there were over fifty witnesses that day who watched my son being butchered,” she said.

“I truly believe that there is someone who knows where Poor Boy is and can bring my son’s murderer to justice.”

But Ma Louise refuses to give up hope. Sharing her son’s story as she waits for someone to come forward is what she has been doing.

“Stand up and say something now. All the people who saw Poor Boy kill my son should not be afraid to say where he’s hiding,” she pleaded. “It’s been more than a month. Set my family free.”

If you know anything, call them at 0886-595-825


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