Men, Take Action Now


Men, Stand Up
Women deserve equality when it comes to having just as much as men do. Women feel that in this day and age it is their right to be educated, empowered, recognized and above all, treated equally.

For far to long women have consistently done things to prove to the dominating gender that a woman has just as much power to tackle a task or hold any position. But for number of years it has been a challenge getting the message across that women need to be involved. Women feel the only way that can happen is if men start to see their worth.

‘HeForShe’ a recent campaign launched by UN Women and its partners now gives men the opportunity to be advocates for women, and to take a stand. The campaign is to mobilize men and boys globally across UN Women country offices to take action in addressing the position of women in the world.

Targeting one billion men, UN Women is doing it through its website ( where men who want to see the equal rights of women can go and register.

According to a release by UN Women, the active participation of strong partners is central to the success of the campaign, whether a group or individuals.

“HeForShe will mobilize men and boys online and offline through the ‘sign up’ approach that encourages increasing engagement from initial awareness to advocacy to action,” a release stated.

As of June 9, there are 319, 657 who have already registered.

Meanwhile, the campaign seeks to enhance and promote existing strategies and activities that contribute to the goal of gender equality. That means men will be opportune to identify with issues of gender equality and recognize the crucial roles that they can play to end the global persisting inequality facing women and girls.

“Through sensitization, HeForShe challenges men to address gender equality as a human rights (issue) and as a social and economical imperative. The achievement of which will benefit both men and women,” the release stated.

Men, stand up and take action now in protecting the women of today, tomorrow and our future. Women should be able to make decisions and be empowered. Throughout history we have come to see the value women have had around the world. We also know that the position women in Liberia hold needs a coordinated response across many parts of the Liberian community and the commitment and engagement of men and boys.

Men, take action by registering and showing the women of Liberia and the world that you care for their well being and want to see them treated equally.


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