Liberia Committed to Hasten Gender Equality

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Gender Minister Julia Duncan-Cassell has underscored Liberia’s obligation to speed up gender equality for the advancement of women across the country and the world, saying that Liberia is on the right trajectory for the achievement of “50 – 50” (fifty-fifty) gender equality, considering the progress being made by the government and people.

Speaking ahead of the First Plenary Session of the 60th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York, Minister Cassell made specific reference to current discussions on the Domestic Violence Act, the Gender Equity Bill and the implementation of the country’s National Gender Policy as critical indicators and instruments creating the enabling environment for gender mainstreaming in Liberia.

Leading the Liberian delegation, she spoke upon arrival at the United Nations headquarters in New York. March 14 – 25 is set aside every year to celebrate women’s advancement across the world and to take relevant steps that promote gender equality around the world.

The priority theme for the 60th session is women’s empowerment and its link to sustainable development.

It will focus on creating a conducive environment for gender-responsive implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, through actions to ensure enabling laws and policies.

She added that the Liberian government is taking practical steps aimed at empowering women and creating opportunities that harness gender equality.

She named women civil society & NGOs, traditional & rural women’s groups, cross-border trade women, women in politics, women lawmakers, female Judges and associate justices of the Supreme Court, women representatives of ministries & agencies, women living with disabilities, HIV & AIDS, Ebola survivors, adolescent girls & boys and market women as members of the high power delegation representing the country.


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