Let Us Not Forget the Ebola Orphans

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Over one hundred orphaned children ranging from age two years to seventeen are still safely tucked away in a remote location in the Disc Hill community after losing more than 200 relatives to the deadly Ebola virus.

They are now children of the Taffi Dollar Children’s Welfare Center under the Abundant Life Chapel, a church named after Taffi Dollar which has been patiently but without the proper resources, taking care of the children.

These children are now known as the Taffi Dollar Children.

Three siblings from the Tamba family who say they lost 16 of their relatives including their parents have been in the center living a daily routine that begins at 6:30 am and ends at 9:00pm.

“I like being here because they take care of my brothers and me and the church seems to care about us,” said Bendu Tamba.

Among the children who have now become used to the caring place in which they live is 16 year-old James, whose father was the priest that prayed over the remains of the late Ebola infected Marthaline Williams, the pregnant women who the late Thomas Eric Duncan tried to help.
James emotionally explained how his father lost his life.

“My pa came into contact with Ebola after the late Marthaline’s family told him that she didn’t die from Ebola. He believed them and did his ritual and died one week later,” he added.

The center reflects sanitary conditions, well-kept bedrooms, a feeding program that sees to it that each child is fed at least two times a day. However, Rev. Wilmot Yalateh, the pastor of the Chapel, says there are so many things that are still needed to ensure that the Chapel will be able to continue its services to each child.

“We have no one supporting us right now. Most places we reach out to tell us that there are no funds to help us. Right now we are doing everything that we can to find resources including food, school supplies, toys and materials that will sustain these innocent children,” the pastor added.

Many of the children are in fear of not knowing what will become of them if the center is unable to find sponsors to enable them to continue living at the center.

“I know how hard they are working to be able to feed so many of us. I’m afraid that anything can happen, but the Chapel has taught us to pray and that is what we are doing,” added Bendu Tamba.

Meanwhile, Rev. Yalateh is in dire need of sponsors to help him keep the Taffi Dollar Children Welfare Center running. It’s a center, he says, that will in the future host children orphaned by many circumstances.

“Right now I am willing to reach out to the media and any resource that can get the word out that we need sponsors. Each child needs a sponsor to sponsor them monthly. We are praying for the best and have faith that the rest will follow,” he added.


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