Know Your Lawmakers: Senator Jewel Howard Taylor

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Senator Chief Nye Suacoco Jewel Howard Taylor represents Bong County in the first senatorial category and was elected to serve that position in 2005. Senator Taylor and started work January 2006 on the National Patriotic Party (NPP) ticket. Her tenure expires on the second working Monday in January 2015.

Senator Taylor is an Economist by profession. She is also an Administrator, a Lawyer and a Social Worker.

She was born into the royal household of the distinguished Kingdom of King Kerkula Giddings of Sanoyea District, of the then Central Province, now a part of Bong County, Republic of Liberia.

Nene, as she is called by some of her peers in her county, was raised along with her siblings, on the Phebe Hospital compound by parents, the late Mr. Moses Y. Howard and his late wife Nora  Mammie Howard. Both Mr. and Mrs. Howard were two of the first medical personnel trained by the Lutheran Church in Liberia, and there after posted to serve at Phebe Hospital, when it was opened in Suacoco, Bong County.

Her parents were transferred to the John F. Kennedy Medical Centre in Monrovia to be a part of the first group of trained Liberian professional medical personnel assigned at the newly built JFK in 1960s.

The Moses Y. Howard family, even though resident in Monrovia, maintained their strong ties to Bong County by helping in medical facilities in the region during weekends and maintaining a 600-acre of farm land in Sanoyea District. Sadly, Mr. Howard was murdered at the Phebe Hospital in September 1994. His remains are buried in a Memorial Park at Phebe,  where his wife Nora was interred following her death on August 27, 2010.

Educational Background

Elementary: St. Peters Lutheran School

Jr. High: Lutheran Training Institute

High School: College of West Africa

Undergraduate: University of Liberia

Undergraduate: American Institute of Banking (Honours Graduate)

Post Graduate: American Institute of Banking (MA)

Cuttington University College (MSc)

Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law (LLB)

Work Experience (Public and Private)

Former President, Agricultural Cooperative Development Bank, Monrovia, Liberia.

Former Deputy Governor, National Bank of Liberia.

Former First Lady Republic of Liberia

Senior Senator, Bong County, Founder & Patron of the Mayo Starfish Foundation – aimed at providing educational opportunities to girls in Bong County and elsewhere. The organization has trained over 500 young girls in 10 years.

Committees: Chair, Autonomous Commissions and Agencies; Member, Judiciary; Ways, Means, Finance & Budget; Gender, Health, Social Welfare, Women & Children Affairs; Education & Public Administration; Joint Legislative Modernization

Areas of Impact at the Senate

Law making: She has crafted, sponsored and co-sponsored more than 35 bills in the Liberian Senate. Prominent amongst them are: The Acts to establish the Law Reform Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission, Information Commission and the Governance Commission

The Act to establish the position of Assistance Superintendent for Fiscal & Financial Management, within the Ministry of Internal Affairs; and the Act to establish the E. J. Yancy, Gboveh Multilateral High School System. Democracy Sustenance Fund; the Beletanda Magisterial Court; the Act providing for Mandatory Payment by Concessions to the University of Liberia; the Act establishing the Mineral Development Agreement (MDA) for China Union; BHP Billiton; ArcelorMittal.

The Whistle Blower Protection Law; Code of Conduct; Amending the Penal Law Relating to the Jurisdiction of the Magistrates and Magisterial  Courts; the Freedom of Information Act; Children’s Rights Bill, Public Service Trust Act, Bong County Technical College, Providing for the Amendments to Elections Law, Corruption Offenses Act and the National Traditional Council.


2006/2007 US$1,570,632.40

2007/08 US$2,312,845.30

2010/11 US$3,438,333.00

2012/13 US$7,356,070.00

and 2013/14 US$9,024,954.84 as budgetary achieved to Bong County

Legislature allocation, County Development Funds, Education, and Health Road network to Bong County under the watch of Senator Taylor


As part of her oversight responsibilities Senator Taylor has over the past 8 years worked and accomplished the following:

Increase in the National Budget from US$129,917,259 in 2006 to US$582,931,413 in 2013

Approval of fiscal regime that allowed Liberia to be “debt-free”, approval of the new regulation that created the Revenue Authority, and the joint Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning; approval by the Senate of Presidential appointees across the nation, budget hearings and oversight of key institutions including, National Elections Commission, LACE, Governance Commission, General Services Agency and LRRRC etc.

Senator Taylor has won many awards. Prominent amongst them are:

– The Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Recognition Award for Humanitarian Services for contribution to Youth Development in Liberia from the AAW Peace 2011

– Chieftaincy Title conferred on her by Chiefs and Elders of Bong County in 2011.

– Two-time winner, National Excellence Award in 2009 and 2011

– Excellence Award for Advocacy for Rights of Women, AWLO, 2012.

Contribution to Transformation in Bong  

Sponsor of the Educational Boards

Lobbied to increase funding to University of Liberia, Cuttington University, Booker T. Washington Institute and Multilateral High School across the Liberia and Bong County Technical College

Initiated and sponsored funding for Madam Suacoco Scholarship that has benefited more than 2,000 Bong students.  

Lobbied for micro credit funding for over 100 women groups throughout Bong County to a tune of LD$20 million for empowerment of Liberian Rural Women.

Dreams and Aspirations

Senator Taylor dreams of providing affordable electricity to towns, villages and homes couple with pipe born water and a rehabilitated Capital City of Gbarnga.

She also hoped to achieve an agenda that would provide new housing units with improved local materials and open sustainable economic and development options in food processing, agro business and tourism amongst other development initiatives.

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