Killer’s Arrest Satisfies Mother of Murdered Man

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Since the death of her son, Ma Louise has done nothing but lay on her living room couch thinking of the child she lost on August 21 over a senseless act of murder. She says she still has nightmares of seeing Poor Boy, 24, the accused perpetrator, stabbing her son, Jerry Lewis, 25, in the stomach.

Ma Louise remembered how her son’s intestines spilled in front of her family home as the community watched. She still hears the sound of his plea for mercy in her sleep, “and when the wind blows.”

Jerry was stabbed more than a dozen times in his temple, chest, back, stomach, hands and wrist. His injuries were life threatening, and he died as a result one week later.

“No one did anything to stop Poor Boy from stabbing him. Even the guy who parted them during the first argument they had said Poor Boy was running around with the same knife. They all said they were afraid,” she said.

According to a source, Jerry Lewis’ reputation in the community was not of a friendly nature. When asked why, our source stated that the late Jerry was a kleptomaniac (Kleptomania is a rare disorder that prevents those afflicted from resisting the urge to steal).

“Jerry and Poor Boy fought over stealing. Poor Boy accused Jerry of trying to steal his phone from his pocket as he slept on the day of the stabbing. Jerry said he was only trying to wake up Poor Boy to inform him that he was leaving the house they shared so that Poor Boy could lock the door,” the source added.

Witnesses say the two men fought prior to the stabbing, with Poor Boy leaving the scene to later return with a knife. One witness said she saw two knives in his hands; but according to a LNP source, there was no evidence to prove whether one or two knives were used in the stabbing.

Immediately after the stabbing, Poor Boy was on the run and was said to be hiding in Sinoe County with a relative. With the help of the media an unidentified woman led Sinoe County police to Poor Boy, who is now under arrest awaiting transfer to Monrovia.
“She has been following the case closely and remembered seeing him in Sinoe. She led us to him and he was arrested without any trouble,” disclosed the Sinoe County police.

Meanwhile, prior to Poor Boy’s arrest, it was a challenge for many who wanted to assist the late Jerry Lewis’ mother to find her son’s killer. Ma Louise is content that all went well and is now smiling because her son’s killer is behind bars – thanks to the woman who turned him in.

“Oh thank you God, and Daily Observer,” she added.

“Ma, I’m happy right now. I was so scared to go and sell in the market because of fear that Poor Boy would come and kill me too. I was able to sweep my yard today,” she said with jubilation.


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