In Frustration: Hurricane Broh Withdraws Operations on Somalia Drive


The head of the Presidential capital beautification Task Force, Madam Mary Broh, popularly known as “Hurricane Broh” or “General Broh,” has announced that she will be withdrawing her team from Somalia Drive due to “too much interference” by district Representative Joseph Saah.

Rep. Saah was reportedly seen halting the Task Force’s operations recently while hundreds of community dwellers cheered him on. Upon receiving a call from her Task Force on November 22 that their operations were being stopped by Rep. Saah, Madam Broh said she was quitting the area.

According to photos on the Facebook page of a lady only identified as Tina, this is not the first time Rep. Saah has stopped Broh and her Task Force.

“Starting from Freeport going in, directly five feet from the street’s right of way, the drainage is there. There are water makers and sellers in the mix of the garbage, pollution and sewer gutter that is filled with human feces. Saah Joseph is interfering because that is his area. He comes here all the time stopping us and doesn’t call for a hearing, and I have told Public Works to give us the right of way,” explained Madam Broh.

“He continues to stop us from breaking the place down and tells us how we should do this and that. We are not going to be bothered with them. Let the President make her decision since this is her Task Force,” Broh said.

Madam Broh said she has already alerted President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that her Task Force was pulling out from its operation on Somalia Drive.

“Let the Japanese deal with Public Works. Everybody withdraw, and I will let the President know that the Task Force is withdrawing. Too much interference. Public Works doesn’t know what they are doing,” Broh exclaimed.

Meanwhile, photos from Madam Broh reveal a polluted environment with garbage, plastic and instruments used to package water at a water company located along the road.

Rep. Saah, who has worked constantly in advocating for his district and its people, spoke with our reporter and stated why he was compelled to stop the operations of the Task Force.

According to him, the government of Liberia requested Somalia Drive residents to draw back 150 feet away from the road. However, owners of houses and structures that were within 75 feet were paid off and their structures broken down.

“They want to break down the other 75 feet without paying and I think that it is wrong and unacceptable. You can’t treat the people in such a manner. Some of them depend on what they have now,” he stated.

Rep. Saah claims that he wrote a letter to the House of Representatives, which invited the Task Force and Public Works. On November 22, Public Works finally agreed that they should pay property owners for the additional 75 feet, but decided against demolishing the houses as planned.

“They will mark the houses, give them numbers, and pay them,” Saah added.

On the issue of the densely populated area, there are companies that Rep. Saah insists are polluting the area.

“So what I have done is instruct community leaders to put together a cleanup campaign, and we have started that already. We have four shovels and four wheelbarrows from the Monrovia City Council. I will add up to that number and we’ll clean up all of those areas. We are going to instruct the 600 students on our scholarship program to get involved and do community service,” he stated.

As for madam Broh, getting rid of the problem once and for all instead of giving it a chance to resurface is her motto. She maintains that “the way forward is to break everything down and clean the place.”


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