Giving Back to Our Communities

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Mrs. Alexdine M. Howard, the Commissioner of the Township of Caldwell on February 14, donated charitable items to its residents; feeding and clothing over 1,000 children, mother and elders.

Commissioner Howard donated the items on Valentines’ Day, surprising thousands of Caldwell residents.

Among the items were 17 bags of rice, poultry, cooking oil, reading books, clothes, purified drinking water and stuffed animals that were given predominately to women, children and the elderly.

“ Aye yah, the old ma really made our day sweet oh. My mother was confused this morning as to where we will get food, now we have food to eat” stated 8 year-old Savior who received two plastic bags full of condiments.

More then ever, communities are looking to their leaders to provide them with the necessities that they may not be able to afford. They also look for someone who is bold yet compassionate towards community dwellers in the execution of their leadership duties.

“Our commissioner has done her best for us since she has been in power here in Caldwell. Things have gotten done here so fast. At first, we didn’t like her because she was too strict. Now we respect her strictness and take it as nothing but the hard work she is doing for us,” said Michael Sheriff who has been a resident of Caldwell since 1990.

According to the commissioner, she was not in Liberia during the holiday season and decided that when she returned to her township that she would celebrate the New Year with its residents.

“On Valentines’ day we celebrated our Christmas, New Year and everything else” Mrs. Howard stated.

Furthermore, Mrs. Howard is a pastor of Alpha and Omega Church and says that she received these donated items from Faith United Church of Christ in the United States of America.

“The Faith United Church sent me a lot of stuff and instead of just sharing with my church; I decided to share it with the children and people in my community.” She noted.

Mrs. Howard also spoke highly of Faith United church and its devotion towards her church and its members for decades.

“I thank God for Faith United because they are always sending donations and we have been collaborating for over 20 years. They have followed our mission work since 1990 when we were working in a camp in Sierra Leone. As God would have it, they’ve worked closely with us, and since they work with the church they also work with our communities; what is sent to the church is also sent to our communities as well.” Mrs. Howard disclosed.

Mrs. Howard highlighted the tradition of cooking food whenever there is a celebration, and instead decided to do things differently to make a difference.

“Instead of cooking the food and eating it, we decided it was better to give the unprepared food. We had 17 50kg bags of rice, and we gave each child two cups, three frozen pieces of chicken, oil and water. Food that would last them for days instead of an hour,” she added.

Mrs. Howard has begun donating more things to other community churches and including general hospitals.

“Right now I am taking re-usable bed pads to Redemption hospital, and I have items for another church in Logan town, the commissioner revealed.

“I just like to let God work through me, his communities and through the church, and this is what we do.” She added.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Howard has the dream of uniting Caldwell and believes that by working on the leadership skills of the youths in its community, things can be put into place.

“We noticed the youths in Caldwell really have no leadership. Now that we have helped a lot of the children and elders, we want to focus on the youth. We’ll be having a town hall meeting scheduled for the 22nd of this month. We have given elders walkers and crutches. We don’t make noise, but we believe in letting God give you the glory.” Mrs. Howard declared.


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