Ganta “Peace-building Women” Seeks Empowerment


A group of young women in Ganta, Nimba County under the banner, “Peace-building Women,” has appealed to any well-meaning Liberians and organizations to empower them so that they can increase their locally made agricultural products. The women are involved in the preservation of locally produced food items.

The 25-member organization is specialized in the preparation and preservation of locally produced food items such as pepper, beniseed, potato leaves and plato.

They also process and produce cassava flour and both rice and farina ‘kanyan’.

The group leader, Justina Zouah, told the Daily Observer that the food items, when preserved, can last for over six months, and are well seasoned and affordable at all times, “even if they cannot be found on the market anymore.”

When this reporter visited their production site, he saw several of the items, including jars of pepper sauce, ‘kitele’ sauce, preserved potato greens and plato sealed in plastic sacs, as well as pepper powder and beniseed powder.

“We are able to produce huge quantities of these items that can serve the entire community and the nation at large if we are empowered,” they said.

“There is not enough space at this center where we are carrying on the production to host everything we need to do. So we are looking for an ideal area which we can use as a mini factory to carry on large scale production,” said a member, Patricia Dahn.

The group is also involved in peace-building initiatives in the community by bringing young women together and helping them to be self-reliant through skills training.

“Through this skills training, I can support my family, but the only thing is we find it difficult to make these (products) manually,” said Heretha Bumie, a young woman trainee.

The women are appealing for machines and materials that will enhance their productivity.


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