Fundamental Baptist Women Fellowship To Build Conference Center

partial view of the women that attended the conference in Ganta

A group of Christian women under the banner, “Fundamental Baptist Women Fellowship” has broken ground for the construction of a modern conference center in Ganta, Nimba County.

The building, according to the women’s leadership, will contain a large conference room, offices, rooms for lodging and other essential facilities, and will cost a little over US$68,000.

The center when completed is expected to annually accommodate the women when they converge for their conference in which they are taught how to serve as good examples for positive change in the family and society at large.

They currently rotate the conference, touring every region annually where their members are found. For now, their members can be found in Nimba, Grand Bassa, Bong, Grand Gedeh and Montserrado counties.

“When we established this women’s group through the instrumentality of Rev. and Mrs. Esther Gbor, we first decided to purchase a vehicle to be transporting us for conferences, but we received advice that it will not be a durable property. It is against this background that we finally concluded on buying 10 acres of land and on March 11, 2017 we broke ground for the construction of our proposed conference center that will also contain spaces for other activities,” Mother Rebecca Nyanquoi, president of the group, said.

Mother Nyanquoi did not state when exactly the project will commence; however, she said they have held fund raising rallies from which they have generated L$399,860 and US$512,420.

She said with what they have on hand, they expect to begin the project as soon as the Nimba County authority responds to them by allowing the county’s yellow machines to clear the spot on which they want to erect the center.

Giving an overview of the motivating force behind the annual conference, the Fundamental Baptist Women president said they purposely organized it to teach both young and old women how to manage their families and live lives that will reflect the concepts and ethics of Christianity, and to serve as agents of positive change in the society.

According to Mother Nyanquoi, prior to establishing the conference for women, cases of gross disrespect towards their husbands and instances of divorce were emerging among married women.

“Since we established the conference and hundreds of women you’re seeing here started attending, we have gotten positive reports that great changes have taken place in many homes, and those single women devoted to Christianity are upholding their values and respect,” Mother Nyanquoi said.

While the women are changing bad attitudes toward their husbands, Mom Nyanquoi also said men were ignorantly using the scripture to enslave women, using the scripture reference that “Women must submit to their husbands in all things.”

“For this act on the part of men, we have also proposed to our church leaders to organize a similar conference for the men because the impact women are making will not last if the men continue such traditional style of treatment of women,” she added.

Also commenting on the conference, the founder, Mrs. Esther Gbor, said they teach women lessons on Psychology, Sociology and others, with scriptural backing.

She named conflict resolution and transformation, human temperament or personality, marriage and family, counseling and personal hygiene as some of the lessons they teach during the conference.

Responding to the theory of gender equity, Mrs. Gbor said they believe as Fundamental Baptists that man remains the head of the woman; however, she clarified that it does not also give the man the power and right to inhumanely treat the woman and deny her education and other necessities.

“We respect our husbands and honor them as heads of the home, and we are helpmates to them. This of course does not mean the husband should treat the woman bad because it will not even be in agreement with the scripture. While God’s word says a wife should submit to her husband, it also tells the husband to love his wife as Christ loved the Church,” Mrs. Gbor clarified.


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