From Rags to Improvement

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Tetee Weah, a resident in the borough of Zimbabwe, Point Four told the Daily Observer that she now has a reason to say, “Thank you, Jesus” for the changes in her life in the past four years.

Ma Tetee is an important person in her community. Presently, she handles the keys to a public bathroom that accommodates the entire Zimbabwe neighborhood.

“Everyone living here comes to me two or three times a day to use the government toilet that I control,” she stated.

A job or duty many have cringed from, Ma Tetee handles her job of cleaning feces, urine, drawing water for her customers and making sure that old newspapers are available for those who need them.

“I spend LD50 to use the bathroom a day. And each time I come here, water and paper are always here for me to use. The oldma is handling it well,” stated an occupant of H20 Block.

Unicef asked the Zimbabwe community more than four years ago if they would be willing to maintain such a facility. According to Ma Tetee, being one of the oldest residents in the community, she was asked to be the caretaker.

“Most people will not want this job, but since I started working, I have a place to sleep now. Before, I didn’t have a bed or mattress or even a place to live. But out of what I make every month, I am happy with my own life,” she said.

Ma Tetee has been able to use the LD2,500 she makes every month as commission to build herself a zinc house. She has also been able to buy the necessities that are needed inside.

“I make about LD800 a day and hand the money over to a very old lady who owns the land. In return, she pays me LD2,500 every month and my son LD1,500 for drawing water,” she added

Ma Tetee said she has no shame when it comes to doing the right thing to put food on the table. Her job, being a hazard, especially in a rundown community, she will do whatever she can to maintain her job and keep living a responsible life.

“More people need to work. Secondly, it should be work that will pay and bring in income every day. This toilet business, everyone uses the toilet every day. I just wish the government will support such initiatives to help us maintain the building,” she said


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