Focusing on What’s Being Rebuilt Rather than Broken


Its New Years, 2017 and a couple of people in Liberia have decided that rather than focus on changing a habit or two that they couldn’t drop in 2016, they’ll focus on finishing something that has been important for them to complete, like living.

“A few years ago I felt a lump in my stomach and since then I have always been depressed, thinking about when it will kill me. This New Year, I want to look beyond that and focus on living, because all along I have been living though trapped in my thoughts,” stated Mou Mou, a resident of Point Four Junction.

Mou Mou has a protruding growth in her abdomen and is not sure what it is, but admits that it pains at times and has caused her to lose all sexual desire and appetite to eat.

“It started growing around six-seven years ago and now it is getting worse. My stomach looks as if I am more than nine months pregnant. During the war I was raped badly and as a result, I had severe damaging inside of me ma,” She revealed.

Mou Mou has begged this paper to save her life by finding help and money to be able to have the growth removed.

“I have lived all these years with this thing growing inside of me like it’s my baby and as a poor woman you already know that I am suffering. Pretending it’s not there, holding in the screams when the sharp pain shoots, is misery. I have no idea where I will turn or who I can go to for us to take this out of me,” she shared.

A nurse working at JFK has shared with this paper that growth in women who have had trauma to their pelvic, or have had more than five children and multiple sex partners is common. Therefore, women should get mammograms (breast examination) and pap smears (vagina examination) regularly.

“Every six months is not bad considering that we are in Africa. But having these regular checkups can save a woman’s life. Some of these growths and diseases can lead to cancer and irreversible damages,” sis Maratha emphasized.

For the time being, Mou Mou continues to wake up regularly, does her house chores as briskly as any healthily mother would and sells the little bit of market she has mastered selling for the past six years.

“I have to focus on reality and that is taking care of my daughter, my things until I am gone. I have decided to send my daughter away to a relative because my stomach is getting worse, but I still sell. School fees, everything is on me. Yes, I make at least $30 a month, but it is not enough to save in order to save my life. But I am focused on today,” she smiled.


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