Female Circumcision on the Rise in Twah River


Female circumcision, also known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is said to be on the rise in the Twah River Administrative District in Nimba County. One of the most populated districts in Nimba County, Twah River is situated around the border with Ivory Coast.

According to Radio Voice of Karn in Karnplay City, about 20 school going girls have been conscripted in the town called Sloo Yoolah and taken into the Sande bush.

The Report says many other villages in the area were carrying on similar practice, where many of the school girls had also been forced to drop from school.

The school authority in the area is raising concern, asking when the girls will graduate from the Sande Bush, when the 3rd marking period and exams are almost at hand.

The radio quoted the leadership of the town, saying that those who carrying on the practice were doing so at their own risk, but could not mention any administrative action that would deter such a practice from taking place.

The female genital mutilation was abolished in Nimba during the administration of former Supt. Chris Dagadu, with the government warning stern action against anyone caught in the practice.

In last 2012, a 16 year old girl died in the Sande Bush in New Yourpea, after suffering from severe bleeding.


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