Father of 9 Month-old Flees after Being Accused of Rape

A 9 month-old boy, whose_web.jpg

Susan Kamara, who gave birth to her only child at the young age of 15, is committing the most hardhearted act: she is refusing to take care of her baby.

Susan says she is unaware where the father of her 9-month-old son is and that’s because he was driven away when Susan’s pregnancy came to light.

“My community ran his father away because they said he had raped me, but since he left, the same community people have turned their backs on me and this baby,” she added.

Never acknowledging the child by name, nor holding him when he is in need of care, Susan says it’s not her duty to care for a child whose father has been chased away.

“I don’t have any feeling for the child, at least not now. When I was pregnant with him, I did a lot of singing to him because I liked him deeply then. I guess now I realize that life is hard already and now I have to take care of a child too,” she added.

According to relatives living in the yard, whenever Susan’s child Anthony moans with hunger and is given food by family members, Susan throws a fit of anger.

“She doesn’t want anyone helping her with this baby and it’s sorrowful. Everyday we all want to take the child and hide him from his mother, but Susan can’t give us a chance,” lamented Ma Dabbah, the child’s aunt.

Our reporter saw Anthony sitting stiffly on the ground in silence in front of an apparently empty house. He seemed hungry. When asked where the child spends his entire day, his mother says he sits on the ground in the same spot everyday, crying.

“He was a sickly child and is unable to crawl or anything like that now. Plus, I took him off breast milk when he was 5 months old. I just don’t want to waste my time. I already told my people they can have the baby, but they shouldn’t carry him away.  He should always be where I can see him,” Susan added.

Dressed in a skirt that was too small and wearing a shirt that exposed her breast cleavage, Susan says she knows that she is not a good mother because she’s not ready to take care of children.

“For now, I have no (other) children.  I’m only letting him stay here because I know maybe one day his father will come back and he needs to know that his son is still alive. I don’t care what people are saying behind me, but none of them are helping me.  So, let the boy sit down there. He’ll be able to walk away one day,” she added.


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