‘Every Nation Needs its Women’


No nation can prosper when its women are suppressed and kept outside of the national decision-making process, the Minister of Labor, Cllr. F. Juah Lawson, said.

Minister Lawson made the assertion last Thursday, March 6, when she served as Inspirational speaker at a program in honor of International Women’s Day (Saturday, March, 9) at the D. Tweh High School in the Borough of New Kru Town.

According to Min. Lawson, “the strength of a nation’s democracy is better guaranteed by the participation of its women in all aspect of running the country because they are trusted to take care of homes and raise children.”

 Min. Lawson noted that women can be trusted to champion the destiny of a nation in a way that prevents crisis and maintains peace.

She explained that the history of women’s struggle for greater rights has been long and tedious, from antiquity (ancient times) to the middle ages, down to current era of globalization.

 “Women continue to face different degrees of discrimination by their male counterparts in society.”

She said that despite a few gains in the recent past, the socio-economic gap between men and women in Liberia still exists.

The Labor Minister disclosed that girls are more likely to be illiterate or school drop outs, and that only a few are enrolling in higher institutions of learning. 

Based upon these figures, Minister Lawson used the occasion to call on girls in Liberia to move with the fast pace of the changing times.

“As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we admonish all Liberian girls to explore their talents without fear or intimidation,” Min. Lawson urged.

She maintained that though Liberian women are pleased with how far they have come in terms of participation in the decision-making of their community and state, the journey ahead is still far, “So we say rest not, sleep not; until all forms of abuse and marginalization against women in Liberia and the rest of the world come to an end.”

Meanwhile, the principal of D. Tweh High School, Edwin S. Nagbe, called on girls, especially students, to take a cue from the Minister’s message by attaching seriousness to their studies.

Expressing his gratitude to the Minister for responding to his invitation, Mr. Nagbe said, “Your inspirational message to the students will help them in their studies and future careers.”


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