Ebola Sweeps Entire Family, Leaves Household of 15 Stranded

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Reports say that Ebola is slowly winding down. However, people are putting their guards down a little too soon.

Taking the preventive measures to ensure that the virus does not resurge seems not to be a priority anymore. As observed, some people are forgetting the rules of washing hands and staying clear of the sick. When it comes to Ebola, avoiding the sick can help you steer clear of contracting the virus, a rule that is important to follow.

Nancy Freeman, a school teacher from the Caldwell community, is an example of what happenes when the rules are broken. 

At the beginning of November, Nancy Freeman, her father, stepmother and her two year-old died from Ebola. As a result, her landlord’s family comprising a household of 15 people, including 11children and teenagers, has been seriously affected.

The Gray family, in whose compound Nancy lived, has been quaratined. Blind to Nancy's illness and that it was Ebola that killed her and her family, the Gray family says they are suffering because of her actions.

"We've been quaratined for close to two weeks and my family is too large for a half bag of rice that was donated to us by More Than Me. We did'nt know that Nancy and her family had Ebola until recently when we were quarantined. But it is very hard on us right now and we can’t move around for help. My family needs help," pleaded Mrs. Gray.

According to the family, who stood a distance away from our reporter during the interview, Nancy lived with them for years, and even taught in their school.

"Our house is divided into two apartments. Nancy and her two children were in one, while my family lives in the other apartment. But we shared the yard together, and she was also a teacher at our school here in our house," added Mrs. Gray.

According to Pastor Gray, the Ebola spread started with the late Nancy’s father, who was the community chairman for the second quarter in New Kru Town. Weeks before a food distribution in his quarter could be delivered, the late chairman fell sick after being threatened.

“People in the community threatened the chairman saying that if they didn't receive any of the food during the distribution, all of his family would die from Ebola. Before the distribution could happen, the chairman fell ill and was taken to the JFK ETU where he died. From Nancy's explanation before she came down with Ebola, his body was given back to the family and he was buried in Caldwell, New Georgia,” stated Pastor Gray.

According to witnesses, Nancy wasn’t aware of her father’s death until days after he was buried. She was then asked to live in her father’s house with her stepmother who was overwhelmed by his death.

“She went there. Days after the chairman’s death, the food distribution went on as planned and Nancy, her stepmother and two-step sisters were again threatened by the very same people who threatened the chairman. They threatened that the family would all die from Ebola if the food wasn’t given out properly,” the Pastor added.

Pastor Gray said that after the food was distributed, Nancy’s stepmother fell ill and without any word to the Gray family, Nancy snuck her stepmother into her apartment late one night.

“We saw Nancy sneaking a sick person into our home in the night. We later investigated and found out that the person was her mother, who stayed indoors for days. We never laid eyes on the mother, but saw Nancy’s stepsisters coming in and out of the apartment. Whenever we tried to ask what was happening, they would only tell us that their mother had yellow jaundice. A private doctor used to come into the house to treat her and she never came out of the house,” Pastor Gray narrated.

According to Mrs. Gray, who seemed on edge, Nancy’s mother's condition worsened, and her relatives were called to take the sick woman to the ETU. During the same late hours she was sneaked into the Gray household, a motorcyclist also sneaked her back out.

“The first motorcyclist who came refused to carry her, but the second driver wearing a coat agreed. We were all sitting on the porch when she was taken to the ETU. Nancy bathed her mom, fed her and did everything in the room without our knowledge. A couple of days after her mother was rushed to the hospital, Nancy came home crying and started wasting Clorox all over their apartment. I was curious and asked her why, she said her mother was sick from jaundice and other people are in the yard so she needed to spray. She kept the real reason hidden from us,” Mrs. Gray explained.

According to Mrs. Gray, three days after Nancy’s mother died, she fell ill herself. She says Nancy came home from church one afternoon complaining of feeling sick. She then sent her two children away to her sisters.

“She slept through Monday, but during the early morning hours of Tuesday, she cried out saying that she was weak. Her brother was also in the house taking care of the mother and also Nancy during that time. Nancy started vomiting and wasted Clorox all around where she was sitting in her room, and then left. I called her sister and they carried her to the center. We later got word that she passed away,” Mrs. Gray added.

It is also reported that Nancy’s brother, Augustine Nangue, who fell ill a day after Nancy was taken to the hospital, has also been admitted at Island Clinic. No word has been released about his condition.

Meanwhile, the Gray family is in desperate need of food, money and medicines. During the development of this story, More Than Me charity organization providing relief to many communities during the Ebola crisis, was notified and says they will do all they can to see that the family is comfortable.


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