Ebola Hits Caldwell Again



Last week, the first confirmed case in the last 30 days was discovered in the Kamasun community in Caldwell.

Caldwell, which has been severally hit by Ebola in the past few months, still has the fresh reminder of what it has been through. And while the news has circulated through the densely populated community, many are now in fear and have started going back to the protocols of staying safe.

Ruth Tugbeh, 44, was admitted to the Redemption hospital in its holding center on March 19, 2015 after experiencing pain in her throat and body.

According to a medical personnel at the facility who doesn’t want to be named, when Ruth entered the women and children’s section of the hospital with signs and symptoms of Ebola, she was refused and sent to the holding center next door.

“When she told us her symptoms, right away we knew what was happening and sent her for testing, which of course came back positive within 24 hours,” the source stated.

According to Kelvin, an Ebola response worker, Ruth prior to her hospital stay was selling on the premises of one government school in Caldwell, The SIMMS Community School.

“She sold spaghetti and a couple of other things. Unfortunately, her brother was the one to rush her to the hospital and has been stigmatized in his home since helping his sister,” he added.

Lawrence Doeini, the brother of Ruth has also been placed on 21 days quarantine and has been asked to spend his entire day in the same yard where Ruth’s entire household is being quarantined.

According to Kelvin, so far all those who have been in contact with Ruth have not shown any Ebola signs and symptoms.

“The brother explained to us that Ruth recently had a dispute with her brothers who live abroad and that’s what caused her to get sick. But he also explained to us that she came into contact with a survivor as well.”

According to Paradise, the chairman of the Ebola response in Caldwell, Ruth admitted to sleeping with her boyfriend who contracted Ebola last year.

“He was released from the ETU months ago and has not been in contact with Ruth since then. But recently Ruth spent a couple of days with him.   But what happened or didn’t happen, Ruth now has Ebola,” he added.

Meanwhile, The SIMMS Community School has had a series of meetings and has put protocols in place, making sure to take the temperature of the children twice during periods. The schools that children who are living with Ruth attend have also put protocols in place to make sure that they protect their students.

“Parents are all afraid and everyone is saying that the schools should be closed for 21 days, but all they are planning to do is spray,” added Brian Kanneh, a parent.

Ruth, who claims on the phone that she is doing okay and seems to be getting well, also says that she is taking numerous tablets a day to get well.

“I’m taking tablets three times a day, over 30 tablets, but I thank God that I am not getting worse,” she added, speaking over the phone with Kelvin.


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