Drugs and our Society



Walking near a bar, I could smell the scent of alcohol and marijuana not far from where I was standing. I spotted giggling teenage girls inside with their backs turned to me. In front of them was a hangout spot where teens as young as 14 years old go to 'relax' themselves. Adults are also inside.

I walked into the place to see what these youths were up to. I noticed a bunch of teens smoking cigarettes, weed and cocaine. They were also drinking alcohol and misbehaving. So caught up in their moment, one little girl was unaware that the drug she was smoking would have a dramatic effect on her.

She got up and fell back down.

I tried helping her up and finding out her reasons for being at Hotel 9, the nickname for the abandoned house used as their hangout spot.

"Old ma, your stupid eh? Move from here. Your not my mother," she spat out.

I felt defeated and left.

Drug cartel

Meanwhile, a drug facility in Caldwell Market known as Hotel 9 (because of the nine empty rooms that occupy drug users) has become the most feared place across the Bushrod Island. It’s rumored that recently released prisoners, wanted criminals, rapist, murders’ and robbers are spending their days there getting high.

Located in between a community known as ‘the town’, Hotel 9 is alleged to have a VIP room known as room 9 where some influential guests are served drugs.

Due to fear, a witness who says she serves these elites at times weed and cocaine ask that her name not be mentioned.

"We have our market of cold water, cold rice, chewing gum and other things lined up in front of Hotel 9. More than 50 addicts are here and sleep here, including some higher ups who spend all day here," she revealed.

According to a neighbor, Mommy, who lives next door, the Liberian National Police (LNP) have been unable to arrest users occupying the place because of the high connections that the dealers claim to have.

"Whenever Central puts a team together to raid the place, by the time they get to Caldwell Bridge, people have notified the dealers of the raid. Their cartel is tightly knit,” she warned.

Youths are seated in a special room designed for them. Drugs being served in Hotel 9 range from tie (heroine), to weed and cocaine.

"Recently in our community there have been rapes, break in’s and burglary. It’s bad out here now. The criminals are disconnecting all of our electrical wires and tormenting us," stated a man identified as Boy-Boy.

An alleged criminal named FA was recently hacked to death by unknown persons. His mutilated body was discovered in March near the ‘back road’, a block away from Hotel 9.

Meanwhile, According to a girl who says she only goes to Hotel 9 to smoke weed, the unfinished house has been there for the past two years and is accommodated by delinquent men and women.

"Someone needs to get the military or higher ups involved because these men are dangerous. The dealer has a team of men ready to kill or hurt anyone who tries to blow an alarm, or any officer that tries to make an arrest" she warned while smoking weed.


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