‘Don’t Make Girls Prostitutes’,


A Mother’s Day preacher has warned women in the country not to make their daughters become prostitute in order to support the homes.

Mrs. Lorpu Flomo, who served as speaker of a recent Mothers’ Day program held at the New Freedom Church of the Trinity in Paynesville, stated that many female prostitutes are found on street corners of Monrovia every night, engaging in their trade.

During the month of May, almost every church across Liberia gathers to celebrate mothers and appreciate them for their numerous contributions to society.

Still preaching, Mrs. Lorpu Flomo said that prostitution is not healthy for the Liberian society and would therefore require that mothers play pivotal roles to curtail such act.

Deliberating on the theme, “Who Is A Good Mother?” Mrs. Flomo described good mothers are women whose actions will not contribute to societal problems.

“This particular day has been set aside to honor mothers and as such, it is necessary that we give honor to women, who have and continue to make sacrifices   to ensure that not only their children but every child, especially the girl child are well disciplined,” she stated.

She said that not all mothers deserve to be honored because some have made their children become vulnerable to the society.

According to her, it is difficult to find dedicated and devoted mothers in the society,” adding very few can be found.

She said good mothers are also women that are diligent and willing to help their husbands to support their families.  


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