Donate to Help Genevieve Get Medical Treatment in Ghana


Ms. Genevieve has spent the past four days at the ELWA Hospital with the quick intervention of this newspaper and Hazem Harb, co-CEO of HottFm 107.9.

Presently, she is still the same, sick young woman, partially paralyzed from neck down and in urgent need of further medical attention not available in the country.

According to the doctor that has attended to her since she was admitted, Genevieve is suffering from a serious muscle infection and doctors are unable to state its cause.

“She needs to be taken to Ghana where they have one of the only hospitals in West Africa that can run tests using the MRI that would be able to see what is causing Genevieve all of this discomfort,” the doctor said.

After Genevieve was discovered by this newspaper on her porch gradually wasting away, our reporter immediately brought her condition to attention and many have begun donating to and Though thousands have been raised, it has not reached the targeted US$7,000 that is required to handle Genevieve and her mother’s trip to Ghana.

In July 2016 Genevieve reportedly ate contaminated food that led to the removal of her appendix. Weeks afterwards, Genevieve began to go downhill as her health gradually worsened.

Unable to hold her neck up, get up by herself or walk, Genevieve is in a state of pain and uncertainty.

Genevieve turned 22 last November and also sat the UMU entrance, for which she was accepted. Eager to start her freshmen year majoring in Mass Communications, Genevieve’s hope of walking into her first day in class has gradually faded although she is still optimistic about coming through.

“I have faith that I will walk out of here strong,” she whispered during a video recording at her hospital bed recently.

There are pledges made by people but the family is still waiting to hear from them. While Genevieve is in her hospital bed crying whenever she is overwhelmed by her situation, many have her in their prayers.

The public is asked to come in with prayers, cash donations and other support to get Genevieve out of Liberia to start her road to recovery. Please contact this newspaper on 0770-479-189, Hazem Harb 0886-555-555 or Doris Samie, Genevieve’s mother, on 0777-955-737.


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