Disabled Girl Gives Birth

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Angel, a name Anna has been given, delivered a bouncing baby recently after spending the later part of her early teenage years being abused by allegedly two adult men.

Anna is 15 years-old and also disabled. She is also visually impaired from a leaking tumor that has begun to protrude and caused her to lose her sight, according to family sources.

“Anna went into the orphanage when she was just a little girl, almost a baby. They raised her and when they saw that she had grown, they began sharing her and using her at the age of 12, up until we took her from there in August 2015,” added a source at the Ministry of Gender, Development and Social Welfare.

While the Liberian National Police continues to hunt for Rev. Denis Togba, one of the preparatory teachers working at Fatima Cottage in Dixeville where Anna was once housed, his community scorned him as being the ‘unfeeling man of God.’

“Very bad if he did what was alleged. He has a wife and children, preached in church. Why take advantage of a sick child?” Mr. Folley questioned.
Reports from the Ministry of Gender detail Rev. Togba’s as well as Charles Young’s involvements. The information reveals that Anna confessed to the two men’s involvement during a meeting held at the cottage in August 2015.

She claimed that both men had been abusing her for the past couple of years.

“She was four months pregnant when we took her to a safe home where she just had her baby. Both mother and child are in the care of the safe home,” they assured.

The Fatima Cottage has since been closed down due to poor management and the lack of a better environment for its pupils.

“The reason why the children were taken from Fatima is because we don’t compromise rape in any institution. The standard says they must be able to provide care and protection for the children and because the alleged rapist was a preparatory teacher, it was worse. If it was someone who only came to work then the case of removing all the children wouldn’t have been that way,” they said.

“Once it’s the head, automatically, we won’t compromise. We removed 21 children, and not 90 plus children as stated before. That was the number of children they had in those days, but we removed 11 boys and 10 girls,” a Ministry source said.

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