Condemned with Drug Addicted Parents


Savior, a ten-year-old boy who’s been taking care of his younger siblings and himself for the past five years feels he’s now on the verge of depression and wants help.

Dressed in an over sized t-shirt stained with specs of blood from a recent circumcision cut, Savior is filthy, unclean and a pitiful sight to see.

“Aunty, let whoever wants me take me,” he offered.

Saviors mother, who says she has serious problems of her own, including a drug addiction, has asked the media to find an alternative living location for her six children, including Princes who we featured in a recent article ‘Breaking away from a place called home’

Savior, who fidgeted near his mother who was too busy to notice because she was cutting marijuana that she had just purchased, described to this paper what his little life has been like.

“A lot of people feel sorry for me because of the way my mother takes care of me. Recently she beat me and placed very bad marks all over my body and kept me hungry for a couple of days. On a daily bases I have to go around and beg, some people in our community ban me from their yard because they say I can steal,” He said

While describing his surprising life, Savior lifted his shirt to reveal beating marks similar to that of slaves from the 1800’s.

“My ma beats me a lot and because of the marks on my skin people say that I look like a criminal,” he shared.

Saviors mother, Mommy, says she has her hands filled with so many children and cannot take care of them all. Most recently she had her seventh child, a baby boy.

‘Savior is hard head and where I am right now, I’m not able these children. If you can find someone to take him I will be too happy,” she mumbled while inhaling the smoke from her cigarette

Meanwhile, the past history of Savior is a long one. According to the family, five years ago a bishop from the Catholic Church in Taylor Miller compound took Savior in. Because of the Pastor’s sympathy, Savior spent a year in school, had a regular allowance that included food, school supplies, clothing and a place to stay, complimentary of the Pastor and his church.

“No child should be condemned to the life of misery because a hopeless drug addict brought it into the world. It’s almost unthinkable that this level of neglect is part of the story of life in pockets of our country these days. These mothers have these children while taking drugs and on drugs,” stated a member of the Catholic Church who asked not to be named.

“I helped take care of that boy when he was here with us, very smart child. But, his mother had the problem and that’s why we had to give him back to her just as hastily as we did when we took him in,” they added.

Meanwhile, Savior is a smart kid who shows the enthusiasm to learn and have better life. I learned a lot about his dreams during our time together and also saw the hope in his eyes when he described his dream life.

“I can imagine myself living in a house that doesn’t have smoke and bad people in it. I can see myself going back to school because I miss it so much. I wish I had someone to love me, that’s all,” he wished.

Anyone wishing to help this family should contact our office at 0777472772.


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