Burkina Faso Super Model Supports Liberia and CEO of UNIFORM


Georgie Badiel is striking and has been walking runways since she was in her late teens. In spite of this, she’s an advocate and supports the equality of girls and women all over the world, including her two adopted daughters in Liberia.

A couple of months ago, Georgie’s relationship with the CEO of UNIFORM, Chid Liberty, was revealed on social media as she was seen supporting his efforts, supplying uniforms to children in Liberia whose parents cannot afford them.

The Daily Observer learned that well over 10,000 children have so far received brand new uniforms through Chid Liberty.

“We hope that by next year we would have uniformed over 50,000 children. I am proud of Chid and his partners,” she added during her visit to Liberia.

During the couple’s visit to Liberia a couple of weeks ago, they were seen together, confessing their love for each other; even holding hands during the interview, with Chid supporting all that Georgie had to say.

“I love this country. I first came here last year,” the stunning model stated.

What many did not know during her visit is that Georgie is the proud mother of two adopted girls living in Liberia; an eight year-old and a 14 year-old.

“I have been supporting each of them for about eight years now. During my visits, I spend time with them; I adore them. I truly adore my teenage daughter who needs more attention than when she was younger,” she added.

According to Georgie, she has been to Liberia more than twice and jubilates over the fact that Liberia is one of her place of interest now.

“This time around I came to Liberia as Chid’s girlfriend and to also support his company UNIFORM, which has been amazing for giving uniforms to kids. I grew up fortunate but unfortunate because my sisters were designers and made my uniform, but I had friends who did not have that opportunity. There was a time they couldn’t go to school because they didn’t have uniforms,” she added.

According to Georgie, “what Chid is dong is so amazing because education is a must.”

Meanwhile, Georgie surprised us when she talked about one of Liberia’s upcoming female models. With much praise and exhilaration, Georgie showed a sense of pride in Liberia’s fashion sector.

“We cast one of the most beautiful Liberians during UNIFORM’s shoot for their look book. Her name is Chanel; she ran the campaign for uniform and killed it. I believe so much in a girl that can walk on an international runway, and Chanel has that potential.

“At 14 my father told me he could not afford my school and I should find something to do and I thought what, at 14? Someone told me that I can be a model; and in 2003, I became a beauty queen. After becoming Miss Burkina Faso, I decided that it was time that I walk on the same runway as Naomi Campbell,” she added.

In as much, Georgie believes that women should never use their bodies or sexuality to get further in their career. “It is just a waste of time,” she added.

“I tell girls that having sex with people who are there for business like the photographers who shoot look books, will always get them in trouble and will never assure that what they are giving their bodies away for will work,” she said.


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