Breaking Away From A Place Called Home


Little Princess has been living in-between the bed sheets of many men for the past four months, guys she normally meets at her mothers selling place inside their home. On numerous occasions the child can be seen sitting outdoors all hours of the night as a form of punishment by her mother for being sexually active.

“Aren’t you a street child, you will stay outside tonight and sell yourself,” her mother usually screams at the miserable child.

Again last night, I saw the emotionally drained child being whisked off by two men on a motorcycle. These guys spend hours, three times a day getting high on weed and alcohol where little Princess stays.

“My mother runs a gap where men come to get high, a rotten place my father and step father are always fighting over,” Princess shared.

Just over two years ago, Princess was a very shy but obedient child whose only interest was playing and obeying instructions given to her by her then adopted family. Now, Princess finds herself living back with a drug addicted mother after she was kicked out of her adopted family’s home of five years because of bad behavior.

“I don’t know what really happened, but one day they asked me to sweep and I told them that I was tired, and for that reason my step mom put me out,” she added.

“My mother used to be good, but the drugs has messed her up. I came back home and met things upside down, but had to bear it because I’m just a little girl and have no say in the home” she said.

Upon surveying Princess’ surroundings including her house and personal belongings, its clear to say that she is on her own. Sleeping in a living room that has no doors or windows to protect the child from night intruders or mosquitos, Princess finds herself sneaking off in the early morning hours to avoid her mother catching her inside.

“I’m 13 and will be 14 years old this year. I haven’t been back to school since I moved back in with my mother because she says I’m the cause of my future spoiling,” she added.” I try to please my mother, but she does everything to ruin my life and my health,” the child whispered as if afraid her mother would come launching at her if she heard the child talking.

Little Princess once had smooth skin, pink lips and signs of good care, but all that’s left behind tons of bruise marks, cigarette burns and matted hair is a child who needs help, refuge and care.

“I need to get away from her before I get hurt more than what has already happened to me. Even now, I have to go outside and wait for someone to pick me up, free of charge, only because I need a place to sleep,” the child admitted.

A man, who says he is the boyfriend of Princess’ mother, says that he knew Princess would spoil soon and become a prostitute, but I didn’t expect her mother to have introduced her to it.

“Her mother does it (prostitute) and I used to see all the men who came to buy grass approach the child with force. I don’t know when she was raped and got into the life of going off with men, but its bad,” the step father stated, apparently under the influence of alcohol.

Princess says her condition is hard to talk about because all those who show concern are the ones who have contributed to her assault and abuse.

“My mother’s friends have all jumped on me and dare me to tell my mother. They say if I do, they will beat her up and kill me, so most times I have to act like nothing is happening when in reality something really is,” she added. ”If you can help me get out of this, why are you bothering them when all they’ll do is lie to make themselves look innocent. If you want to help me, help me, but please get me away from these people,” she begged.


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