“Beautiful Minds”

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The Miss Liberia beauty pageant, under the theme “Beautiful Minds” is ready to continue its venture of finding the next Miss Liberia.

“We decided to pick up where we left off. We left off when we had the first auditioning in Buchanan city on July 25, 2014, near the height of the Ebola outbreak” added 11Stripes acting CEO, Bendu Johnson.

It was enchanting to see four contestants on April 18, 2015 at a local restaurant in Logan Town, displaying their intellectual abilities on stage. A panel of five judges, Madam Mildred Dean, Evelyn Fairley, Charlotte Mason, Messi Allen and Madam Minister Lynne George-Cassell interviewed the intelligent and beautiful women.

“We’re looking for girls who are intelligent, progressive and not just pretty faces. The contestants responded to questions in the applications that they filled out and we had them write an essay explaining why they want to be Miss Liberia and how they will make a difference as Miss Liberia,” added madam Bendu.

Also, 11 Stripes, a dynamic all women’s company of 11 women, said they are looking for young women between the ages of 18 and 26.

“We’re looking for at least high school graduates and the prizes include paying for a degree. We’re really big on promoting education,” madam Bendu added.

Among guests present at the audition was the Assistant Minister of Internal Affairs Amos Tweh, who described the group organizing the Miss Liberia pageant as a good organization.

“The auditions are well structured and organized and I hope 11 Stripes continues to make the Miss Liberia pageant a success. This is a very good platform to be able to harness the potentials of our Liberian women to enable them to impact themselves and thousands of people around looking for direction,” he added.

Also present was the former senator of Maryland County, John Ballout, who said he wanted to be a part of the event after hearing about it.

“To the organizers, I know it isn’t easy but you get the job done each time and I know you can do it. To the queens, it’s a beautiful thing to come out. And to the Liberian public, especially sponsors, I think people need to step up to the plate because without the funding or the sponsorship, it’s going to be difficult. I will continue to support the pageant,” he added.

Meanwhile, the National Steering Committee of Miss Liberia, which oversees the franchise holders, is the assistant minister of Cultural Affairs and Tourism, Lynne George Cassell, Gender magazine’s CEO, Madam Mildred Dean and entertainer Evelyn Fairley.

“There are only three members of 11 Stripes here right now, but by May 4, 2015 many will return and pick up wherever we are,” Madam Bendu added.

“We hope all Liberians will participate in this year’s Miss Liberia Pageant to bring it back to grandeur and make it huge and beautiful.  Please help us make this the best, most memorable Miss Liberia ever,” she added.


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