Baby Abass’s Condition a Serious One

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A month ago, baby Abass, who swallowed caustic soda at a neighbor’s house when he was a little over a year old, returned from Ghana where he received a series of operations to help restore his digestive system. According to his parents, baby Abass has been suffering since the fateful day they had to rush him to the hospital when they saw how the caustic soda had damaged him.

Now six years old and still fighting for his life, baby Abass’s fight has become a more challenging one. Presently, the feeding tube installed in his intestine has slipped out and for weeks he has not been able to eat. Apart from the discomfort, there is an infection that oozes out of the area where the tube used to be, and runs down his stomach unto his pants. His dad says they have to change his trousers every hour because of the drainage coming from the boy’s stomach.

“Right now Abass is at a critical stage and we need fast help because this could be his fatal ending. His stomach has gotten rotten and looks like dead flesh and his hands are swelling. I cannot sit here and watch my son die like this.”

Last month, this paper ran a story in hopes of finding anyone who would save the child’s life; unfortunately there has been no outreach as Abass heads deeper and deeper into remission.

Above is a photo of the child’s condition. Medically, he should be fed through his tube, but since it is removed the entire place is infected and the tube can’t be pushed back in.

“He is forced to eat through his mouth because when we carry him to the hospital, they are all saying they cannot touch him, and that he should return back to the hospital in Ghana where his last operation was conducted,” his parents stated.

Health Page Liberia, the organization that initially tried to help the child, has been notified and for now, the family awaits their fast intervention because baby Abass is seriously ill.

“My son is hopeless now, what can we do anymore?” his father sadly questioned.

Baby Abass was more than a year old when he went to a neighbor’s house and drank caustic soda that his neighbor used to make soap. According to the family, no charges were pressed against the neighbors for not watching over the child. All hospital expenses have been handled through Health Page
Liberia as the family has not asked their neighbor to assist with their son’s medical condition.

Baby Abass wants to live. He has spent the past five years fighting for his life being fed through a tube, undergoing occasional surgery and being cared for by a loving family.

Anyone may come to the aid of this family in need to re-insert Abass’ tube and to find the proper hospital to treat the child.


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