Baby Abass’ Future Now an Uncertain One


It is very saddening to know that circumstances in baby Abass’ life seem to be grave and uncertain now that he has spent most of his life on catheters, tubes and needing assistance with his feeding since that drastic day, at one year old, when he accidently drank caustic soda at a neighbor’s house.

Abass is five now and since his series of operations in Ghana earlier this year, according to his father, who cannot be named due to his rank, the child is in anguish and his condition may be getting worse.

“I can’t keep watching my child suffer like this. The little boy is suffering. There seems to be nothing helping this child. He’s suffering. I’m at a point now I want to give him away for adoption or something, but I can’t keep watching this,” he said sadly over the phone.

Baby Abass is not the only child in Liberia whose parents have felt defeated in getting their child cured from sicknesses or accidents that consume their time, money, energy and over all, emotions.

“His mother doesn’t know that I want to do this behind her, but I have to give him to someone else who can help him because we can’t,” Abass father cried.

Most often, children are abandoned and neglected in places that their parents see as safe havens for a sick child, such as hospitals, churches and orphanages. But in the long run many of the children end up being neglected in terms of bonding, physical care, mental stimulation in the time of trauma, and so on.
In reality, it could become drastic for a child who has medical issues to be given away by a relative in hopes of finding better care or better handling.

Meanwhile, Abass’ mother has spent more than four years seeing to the needs of her sick child, feeding him properly, the soft and mushy kind of food, making sure that his tube is re-inserted whenever it is slightly pulled out because of the strains that come with being a child and wanting to play and so on.

Abass needs more help to save his life and right now there is no certainty for his future, only the thought that his family has become desperate trying to save him. Anyone willing to help this family in need is asked to call 0776-991-437 or 0777-472-772


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