Five year old twins, Manju and Abass are happy to be together again, especially after being divided for the past couple of months due to a series of operations Abass Morris Sagno had to undergo because he swallowed caustic soda when he was just a little over one year old.

Though the twins are happy to rebuild their relationship, their play time is sometimes halted due to Abass’s complications and the pain he has to bare whenever he accidentally tugs at the tube installed in his small stomach.

“He is adjusting but the little boy is suffering a lot. I thank God for the AFL helping us to take him to Ghana for the series of operations that he underwent. But we learned that there are still so many operations he will need in the future and that can only be done when his hospital bill is paid,” Madam Lena
Thomas, a Liberian advocating for funds for the child, said.

Health Page Liberia is run by Ms. Charlesetta N. Williams who has been advocating for the balance of US$45, 500 needed to pay for Abass’ hospital stay. The appeal was made in a press release by the acclaimed health organization that has rendered medical assistance to some of the most critically ill children, with conditions ranging from severe burns, tumors, cancer and abnormal growths and damage caused by accidents such as swallowing chemicals.

Abass’s father is a Muslim, therefore Ms. Williams has appealed to the Muslim community and other well meaning Liberians since last December to assist in clearing the child’s bill.

“We arrived here on April 24, 2015 and he was admitted along with three other children on July 23, 2015. Abass went into surgery on July 27, 2015, and has been here going through a series of surgeries. His mother was by his side. His bill for Caustic Ingestion, being Colon Bypass Surgery, was paid in full by my donor, Healing the Children FL-GA as always, in the amount of US$4, 750,” Ms. Williams wrote three weeks ago.

She added, “They initially performed Caustic Ingestion Colon Bypass Surgery on him. They later noticed that more surgeries were needed in order to keep him alive as he had come up with multiple complications. I want you to thank Kenya Airways Ghana for the kindness shown us as promised last year as he could not return due to medical conditions. His series of other surgeries has amounted to this amount. I can be reached on +233244125687,” Ms. Williams adds.

“Special thanks and appreciation to Dr. Josiah George, AFL/MOD for the special care and attention and kindness that got Abass and his mother here and all tests done, but we all know that our government does not have insurance on its citizens.

Special thanks to Dr. Pabs who cared for Abass all these years and he is returning for more care until he can start to eat enough to have his tube taken out. Thanks to his father for the care shown Abass and his mother, and who is now feeling down about the situation. Thumbs up to his mother, Angeline, for her continued support to her son. I need help for the child and am appealing to all peace loving imams and clergy and Liberians in general,” pleads Ms. Williams.


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