Another Great Ending



Now that Ebola has been completely eradicated from Liberia with the help of many, last weekend, youths of Kriterion Monrovia launched their own documentation of their courageous activities and volunteerism during the Ebola outbreak. The documentary, which is about 35 minutes, show’s how they took their time to help, support and provide consolation to Ebola survivors during that period.

The documentary of the student-run NGO details their every action during the epidemic under the theme, “Together Understanding Kills Ebola”.

The documentary reflects the challenging but fruitful work and collaboration carried out by the Kriterion student members and community dwellers among them. It further illustrates how the togetherness of Liberians helped to contain the deadly virus on the basis of understanding.

“When we started promoting awareness, our first thought was being able to gather information, because it is important to keep data to help us remind the next generation to come of the history of the epidemic and how we were able to deal with this Ebola situation,” Pandora Hodge stated.

Hodge, the project coordinator of Kriterion, organized her members who reached out to survivors, those infected and affected. Each activity was video recorded and compressed into a film that was screened over the weekend.

During their visits to three counties, Montserrado, Grand Cape Mount and Margibi, during that point in time, Kriterion offered AID, foodstuff, medications, and gave awareness instructions. There were times when the members offered care and smiles to those who needed it.

 “This documentary is to carry on awareness so that even when the new generation comes they will be able to watch this documentary and understand about Ebola and know about people who survived Ebola. Now that Ebola is over, this is a way to keep reminding people to be very cautious and continue taking preventive measures,” Pandora added.

Meanwhile, with the help of the Liberian Philanthropic Secretariat, the president’s office, helped greatly by assisting Kriterion with the equipment and other support that was used to shoot the footage.

“We needed media equipment to do recording and we were given that by the Liberian Philanthropic Secretariat. The video cameras captured our activities and because of that, we were able to get feedback from NGOs and other partners. They shared with us what the people really needed in the communities from what they saw in the videos. They also asked for our help in reaching out to the communities that we ventured into,” Pandora shared.

According to Pandora, Kriterion had enough footage and decided to make a short documentary showing their work and how they engaged hundreds of people.

“We’re in partnership with PCI media who launched the campaign #ISurvivedEbola, and screened six of their video clips of Ebola survivors telling their stories,” she added.

Kriterion Monrovia has made it clear that due to the sponsorship of their documentary by ArchiNova and the German Government, their documentary is not for sale.

“The documentaries that we have are free of charge because our program was sponsored and the documentary’s editing was also sponsored. We will be screening it in communities and if you have interest in seeing it and also have a big community and space where we can set up our projector, we’ll come there and screen the documentary for you,” she added.

Also, the program Director of Kriterion Monrovia, Eddie Mark Jr, added that the 75 students working with Kriterion have risen above all odds and have shown to the public that they can do positive things on their own.

“We have documented and put on film all the work our students have been doing for the public to see. Most people say young people don’t want to do anything but talk politics, but this time around we want to show to our international community, partners and colleagues that we can do it all by ourselves,” he added,” This documentary is portraying how the youths have volunteered their services and how they really want to do something for Liberia. Although the resources are not there to create that avenue, we will continue to volunteer our services to make a difference in Liberia,” he emphasized.


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