A Decomposing Leg and A Pleading Voice


Augustine, who was recently discovered sitting on Broad Street in Monrovia begging anyone who would listen to help him to receive amputation of his decomposing leg has received help.

Two concerned Liberians, Madam Beatrice Pupo and Mr. Thomas Fahn, both residing abroad, have donated considerable amounts of cash to assist him in getting medical attention.

“I just want to give him help and at least I have sent some money to solve some of his problems,” stated Madam Pupo.

Madam Pupo also donated a walker to replace the iron stick Augustine has been using.

“I had an accident a long time ago and my left leg became crippled somewhat. The infection and broken veins can embarrass me. Thank God for Mommy (Madam Beatrice) and Daddy (Mr. Fahn),” he said.

Augustine has begun a series of treatments under his own supervision at a church he claims to have been saving his money with. He has also been able to buy a few clothes, soap, toothbrush and other necessities.

“God will truly bless these people for helping me when I had no hope. I used to think that I would die and said that the day I do, I will let God know that the people who killed me are the ones who gave me false hope. I thank you all for your help,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fahn has continued to show support to Augustine, who has yet to find a home. He sleeps on any available porch he can find when darkness falls in the city.

“I thank God I am okay now. My leg is healing. I really appreciate what these two have done for me and I promise I will hold on to their assistance until I can find more,” he added.


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