50 Saclepea Women Complete 1st RHRAP Training

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At least 50 rural women in Saclepea District, Nimba County have completed a 14 day training in the first of a series of seminars to make more of the women become aware of their roles in the electoral process and peace building in their respective communities.

The training which lasted from July 24 to August 8, is funded by Finn Church Aid and implemented by the Rural Human Rights Activists Program (RHRAP) in collaboration with Saclepea Women, a local non-governmental organization.

RHRAP Executive Director, Lorma Baysah, said his organization will hold other seminars for rural women in Flumpa, Gbanquoi and Bunadin districts in the county.

“RHRAP has realized serious capacity gaps in the human and financial resources development among rural women which demand urgent attention and his organization is working to alleviate,” Baysah said.

To address some of the issues affecting rural women, Baysah said RHRAP is working to consolidate the various women’s groups in the Saclepea Administrative District.

During the training, the participants conducted sessions on human rights education as well as focused on the rights of women with emphasis on UN Resolution 1325, regarding the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Female Inheritance Law and women’s political participation, peace building and democratic governance.

Baysah said the project has strengthened the 50 participants who will transfer their knowledge to others in the various districts so that they can make informed decisions affecting their interests, communities and country at large.

He said prior to the training, RHRAP collaborated with Saclepea Women in conducting three months of Situation Analysis Working Sessions across the districts of Flumpa, Gbanquoi and Bunadin.

The findings of the analysis gave birth to the training, he said.

There is a lack of awareness and education on national and international laws and policies that should promote the rights of rural women that has caused deep gaps in breaking the barriers to promote and protect the rights of rural women, Baysah noted.

“In the rural communities, there is also an increase in gender-based violence and rural women are subjected to all kinds of abuses that reduce their full capacities,” he revealed, adding, “Our seminars are creating awareness and helping them to know what they must do together with their spouses. The seminars are for seven months with 50 women attending.”

He said RHRAP is determined to work with partners, including the government, to promote education and protect the rights of rural women. He commended Finn Church Aid for their support that is making a great impact in the various communities.


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