United Methodist Church, Hospital Honor Out–Going Administrator


The United Methodist Church of Liberia, in collaboration with the Ganta United Methodist Hospital, last Sunday honored the outgoing administrator of the hospital,  Mr. D. Victor Taryor, for his numerous services, including the effective role he played in the fight against Ebola in 2014.

The Head of Connectional Ministries of the Liberian United Methodist Church, Rev. George D. Wilson Jr., who also represented the office of the bishop, praised Mr. Taryor for  keeping  the hospital open during the Ebola crisis while most other  hospitals in country were closed, noting that it was one of Taryor’s greatest achievement.

Mr. Taryor, who served the institution for eight years, was described by all speakers as hard working and innovative which led to the establishment of several new departments to the hospital including the Dental Department.

His departure from the hospital at such a young age seemed surprising to many who graced the occasion, but Rev. Wilson said the occasion was part of the UMC’s usual actions to honor those who have worked with the institution for a long time. 

Because Victor Taryor had worked for over 20 years from the transition period up to present, the office of Bishop of LAC/UMC, in consultation with the board of health, decided to honor him and ask him to turn the position over to another person while awaiting a new assignment, said Rev. Wilson.

“Every year bishop makes changes and in the bishop’s wisdom it is time that a new person takes over the hospital administration,” Rev. Wilson said.

“Victor is one of the finest administrators the UMC can boast of because during the Ebola crisis, he stood firm and left the hospital open for operation when the health facilities in this country were closed.”

“We have five health institutions and among them, Ganta is the largest followed by the branch in Guinea and it was Victor’s talents that took the Ganta Hospital from what is was during the 2003 war,” said Victoria Tomah, Head of UMC Health Board.

Victor Taryor worked in many capacities during his tenure with the Ganta United Methodist Hospital, including staff nurses service director and associate administrator before becoming an administrator from July 2006,  taking over from Mary Zigbou, a missionary.

During his eight-year tenure as administrator, there were   several infrastructural developments, including the construction of the fistula center and the underground wiring of the mission’s electricity facility.

Mrs. Nora Kiey Sandii was appointed to replace Mr. Taryor as acting administrator of the Ganta United Methodist Hospital until otherwise ordered.


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