UL Physics Department Receives 1800 Textbooks


An alumnus of the University of Liberia (UL) John N. Brownell, Tuesday donated to the Physics Department,

1,800 textbooks of various Sciences, including physics, astronomy, and computational journals.  

 Alumnus Brownell lives in the United Kingdom.

Making the donation Tuesday on the UL Fendell Campus, Mr. Brownell said he used his influence to prevail on universities in the UK to assist the Physics Department with textbooks to ease the difficulties in the department.

He said in the United Kingdom not much is heard about the study of science in Africa, and when he discussed the urgent need for such textbooks in Liberia, books were donated to the cause.

Mr. Brownell said that some of the professors confided in him that they will in the future make visits to Liberia to render free of charge lectures at the University of Liberia.

He also used the occasion to pledge two scholarships for any two female students willing to study physics.

Receiving the books on behalf of the Physics Department, Chairman Bobby D. Sebo expressed excitement for the huge donation and stressed that the last two years textbooks had been a challenge, but now physics students can have access to these textbooks.

Commending Mr. Brownell for the donation, Mr. Sebo said the department “is glad seeing one of its products giving back to his alma-mater.”

He recalled that last year some laboratory equipment was donated to the department, making students accessible to lab work.

On staff development, Mr. Sebo noted that 75% of instructors at the physics department have acquired Master’s degrees.   He called on the UL Administration to help them pursue their doctorates.

Mr. Sebo urged the faculty to exercise restraint in the delay of their salaries, urging them to continue to work for the sake of their compatriots.

The donation was done in the presence of UL President Dr. Emmet A. Dennis and most of his vice presidents and deans, including Dr. Ophelia I. Weeks of the Science College.

Dr. Weeks, a neuroscientist,  in her remarks, said as a result of the gesture the Physics Department is now equipped to give students what they have been yearning for.

Unlike the past, Dr. Weeks happily acknowledged that  electricity is also now available without much inconvenience.

She promised that staff development will be a priority at the Science College and urged the staff to collaborate with other staff members.

UL President Dr. Dennis said the occasion was one of the rare happy days in his life for a product of the university to give back to his alma mater.

“It is an example for all to learn to give back to their institutions.  The University of Liberia has relations with other universities of the United States, Asia and the African continent, but does not have one in the UK, and we hope Mr. Brownell can help make this happen,” Dr. Dennis said.

He commended Mr. Brownell for the initiative and disclosed that the College of Nursing and Midwifery will be introduced at the University of Liberia in September this year.


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