This Sunday and Every Sunday Will Be a Special Day for the Orphans of Liberia

It's all about Christians Standing Up To Help Orphans

Here’s a fact, more than 2,000 Liberian children will not get to spend this Sunday with their parents, attend service together or a quiet evening watching television as families do; parents will not buy them food, clothes, toys or whisper to them how much they are loved, on that day.

Not because these parents don’t want to, but because they can’t. A lot of them have since passed away or abandoned their children for one reason or the other, leaving these kids with one thing in common; a huge void and the feeling of no longer having a family. This feeling of pain and lonesome comes after the loss of a parent and to children, Family is the most important part of their development and they lose that sense of feeling as a result of being housed temporarily here and there.

That was until Amos M. Sawboh, Founder and Executive Director of Orphans Concern-Liberia, as well as Founding President for Orphans Advocate Network International, stepped in with his group of sincere, experienced and loving people and orphans themselves to create a outreach program for orphans living in Liberia and around the world. On August 20, 2017, this Sunday and every second Sunday of each Month, Orphans Concern has decided to raise awareness of the plight of Orphans and venerable children around Liberia.

“We want to commemorate and strengthen the idea of humanitarian goodwill toward these children under the theme, The Body of Christmas, which is there to encourage everyone to support Orphans with Generous donations,” he added.

According to Amos, with the numerous challenges Orphans face in Liberia, Orphans Sunday will help Orphans become all they can be, whether it be creatively, through arts, etc.

“We want to form a selected Orphanage performance through musical and other Christian Arts during the service in sharing the love of Jerusalem Christ. The project will also target Orphans of Ebola and Orphanages and basically focus on fundraising for the support of these children,” he added.

The launching he added is expected to bring together key stakeholders, Government Institutions, Non Governmental Organizations, Youth and Student Groups and will be held under the theme “Christians Standing Up To Help Orphans.”

“the program will be held at the Rock International Church in Dawzohn Lower Margibi County. Twenty Orphanages are expected to participate in the event. Christians Leaders and children support organizations are expected to grace the occasion. We at Orphans Concern-Liberia believe that the church must take the lead in the support of take these children as Jesus instructed to to care for Windows and Orphans which he referred to as pure religion,” he added.

Meanwhile, funding to help encourage the fundamental growth of orphaned children who have a less chance of receiving all the things a child should, while living at a orphanage, is essential and what Amos has decided to do to help raise money to make these children lives a better one has become commended by the society.

Those interested in getting involved should contact Amos Sawboh via the following information:

World Orphans Day West Africa
[email protected]
Amos Sawboh (Facebook)
Orphan Concern (Facebook)



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