Lonestar Cell MTN Launches Free Facebook Access


In an innovative move to further increase the penetration of digital and social connectivity in Liberia, Lonestar Cell MTN announces that its customers can now enjoy Facebook for free with the launch of Facebook Flex. Facebook Flex gives Lonestar Cell MTN customers the ability to chat and stay connected with friends and family on Facebook with no interruptions.

Yaw Ankoma Agyapong, Chief Marketing Officer of Lonestar Cell MTN said, “By enabling data-free access to Facebook, we are helping to connect more Liberians to the digital world, driven by our core belief that everyone deserves the benefit of a modern, connected life. Social media platforms like Facebook have become vital communication tools for many people, and we want to ensure that our customers can access them more affordably. This is just one of the ways we are bridging the digital gap in Liberia and helping more Liberians connect to social interests and the people they care about everywhere they go.”

Using the Free Mode of Facebook, Lonestar Cell MTN customers can browse, post, update their status or comment on posts for free without using data. All they have to do is connect to Facebook using the android app or visit the facebook.com mobile site through their phone’s browser and select the Free Mode.

To view pictures and videos on Facebook, customers can easily switch from the Free Mode to the Data Mode, which would allow them to view and interact with the photos and videos.

Facebook Flex FAQs

Q. How is Facebook Flex different from regular Facebook? 

A. This version of Facebook allows people to flexibly move between two modes –Free Mode and Data Mode. Free Mode is a version of Facebook where you can post, comment, like, chat and send pictures for free. You cannot view pictures or videos in Free Mode

To view photos or videos, switch to Data Mode by clicking the “View Photos” button. You will be charged for data (MB) in this mode. You can go back to Free Mode any time by clicking the “Go to Free” button.

Q. Will I have access to Facebook Flex even if I do not have airtime/data balance?

A. The Free Mode of Facebook can be accessed without data charges. So, even if you do not have data or airtime, you can still browse and communicate on Facebook using Free Mode.

Q. Who is eligible for Facebook Flex and how do I access it? 

A. All Lonestar Cell MTN customers can enjoy Facebook for free. To enjoy free access to Facebook, customers can go to facebook.com using a mobile browser on their phone using the Lonestar Cell MTN network. All major mobile browsers, such as Google Chrome, Android browser, Opera Mini and Safari are supported. Internet Explorer mobile browser and Firefox browser for Android may be supported. WAP browsers are not supported.

Alternatively, customers can access Facebook Flex through the Facebook Android app.

The Facebook iOS app for Apple devices, Facebook Windows Phone app, and Facebook BlackBerry app are not supported. Customers using these operating systems would need to use a supported mobile browser to access Facebook Flex.

When I use Facebook Flex, I can see photos. Am I being charged? 

If you are in Free Mode, you are not being charged. You can check if you are in Free Mode by looking at the top of your Facebook page.For new Facebook users or Facebook users who have not used Facebook in the last 30 days, you may still be able to see photos in Free Mode. This is a temporary promotion for your first 30 days on Facebook. Once the 30 days are complete, you will no longer be able to see photos in Free Mode.

Q. How can I view the full Facebook experience?

A. You can view the full Facebook experience with photos and videos by clicking on the “See Photos” button, which switches you to data mode. Keep in mind that standard data charges will apply. You can go back to free mode anytime by clicking the “Go to Free” button.

Q. How do I opt out of using Facebook Flex?

A.  On the initial screen that invites you to participate, simply click “No Thanks” instead of “Continue.”

Q. What if I initially clicked “No Thanks” to Facebook Flex but now I want to use it? 

A.  If you are using the Facebook Android app, visit your bookmarks within the Facebook app and click “Facebook Flex” under Favourites. If using facebook.com, go to your Facebook menu and click “Facebook Flex” under Favourites.

Q. What if I started using Facebook Flex but now, I do not want to use it anymore? 

A.  To opt-out of Facebook Flex: When in data mode, click on the “?” next to “You’re in Data Mode.”

You can also visit your Facebook bookmarks (if using the Facebook Android app) or Facebook menu (if using facebook.com) to opt-out.

Q. Is Facebook Messenger free in Facebook Flex?

A. Parts of Facebook Messenger are free. You can send/receive text and upload/view photos. Uploading videos, watching videos and making voice calls through Messenger are not free and you will be charged for these.

Q. If I click a link in Facebook Flex, is it free?

A. No. Using Facebook Flex, you can chat, like, comment, post, share, and upload photos for free. If you want to view photos, watch videos, read articles, or make voice calls in Messenger, you will be charged your standard data rate by Lonestar Cell MTN. If you try and click on a photo/video/link, you will be warned with a popup telling you that you are leaving free mode and will be charged at your standard rate.

Q. I registered for Facebook Flex with my Lonestar Cell MTN number; can I still access Facebook flex from a different operator?

A.  If you access Facebook with a non-Lonestar Cell MTN number, you will not receive Facebook Flex. Facebook Flex is exclusive to all Lonestar Cell MTN users.


Q. I registered for Facebook with my Lonestar Cell MTN number, now I cannot access Facebook Flex, Why? 

A. Facebook Flex is available to all Lonestar Cell MTN users. Please restart the Facebook Android App or refresh your Facebook on mobile browser, Facebook Flex should appear. If you are not able to see Facebook Flex, please contact our customer care team by calling 111 or 0888500000 (WhatsApp).

With Facebook Flex, Lonestar Cell MTN is delivering value for customers and helping them stay in control of their data usage and associated costs. We are #GoodTogether.


  1. This is what leadership represent, seeking the best for citizens via various mainstream of social networks. Instead, our government nowadays is seeking to increase the cost of data in Liberia when ordinary Liberians are presently at the crossroad of poverty or being marginalized due to the hardship presently being experienced.The interesting sega about this is, instead of the people challenging their government, it is the cell phones companies that has challenged the government decisions on behalf of their customers and the Liberian people.

    Imagined, millions of Liberians are using mobile phones to keep in touch with their families and love ones since land based telephones has been outdated due to technical connection hazard involved and cost of maintaining the equipments. Cell phones are the number one primary source of informations in Liberia and many third world nations because, it’s affordable to many and there is no maintenance cost attached to its usage.

    Instead of our government helping to encourage Liberians to used more cell phones, they are seriously trying to discourage the people of Liberia from being informed in and around the world by increasing the cost of data, hence making it difficult to own and use cell phones in Liberia. They have not said anything like this publicly but, this is what it actually boils down to. If they succeed to win their arguments in court, many Liberians will not afford the cost of using cell phones in Liberia. The simplest way to put this is like, one having to purchased a car (cell phone) and can not afford to buy the gasoline(data). So what will be the reasons of purchasing the car(the cell phone) for? All I can say is, thanks to lone star mobile service provider in Liberia. Job well done.


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