2 Liberian Youths Participate in African ICT Week


The 2013 African ICT Week has started in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa , the event converged  ICT and technology industry players to talk on the progress and success of the sector in Africa . The Departments of Infrastructure and Energy -Information Society Division is brain behind the 2013 African ICT Week which will be celebrated across the continent. The week was meant to provide an opportunity to reflect on the gains Africa has made in harnessing ICTs towards realizing a knowledge-based economy and explore the potential of this sector to transform Africa. With a Youth parallel event on youth using ICT for development in all 25 participant was expected for the youth event from across Africa .

The two Liberian youth were Chrystal Angel Wardlow and Joseph Johnson, they participated in the youth side event on ICT/Technology were they had training in Internet governance, cybersecurity and business proposal for technology business start up . At the end of the form and training they have join the African Youth ICT Network which will see a continental group of young African youth using ICT to help in developing their country and the continent .

Speaking to Ms. Wardlow , she express her gratitude to been nominated for the event and will share her knowledge and skills acquired from the training and the sessions . She currently attach to an international group based in Liberia known as 3B Promotion Group –Liberia . They also visited the Liberian Ambassador in Ethiopia.

The event is expected to bring together over 500 participants to draw attention to the values of ICT and specifically promote the use of ICT and outline the vision of the African Union in building a vibrant knowledge economy and information society for Africa. The theme of the 50th celebration, the theme of the 2013 ICT is “Promoting Pan-Africanism, African Renaissance through ICT towards AU 2063 Vision”. The weeklong event will have steering committee meeting on AIXS, spectrum management and digital Broadcasting Workshop, major stakeholders meeting on ICT/Technology in Africa and a youth side event on youth and ICT/Technology.

At the opening of the conference Commissioner of AU- Infrastructure & Energy Department Dr. Elham M. A. Ibrahim said this year event is very special as it coincides with the 50th Anniversary celebration of the founding of the Organization of Africa Unity now Africa Union, “we see this event will bring a lot to transform the continent in ICT/Technology” let all participate and have a fruitful deliberations she added.  Indeed, this is a time to reflect on Africa's journey over the last five decades and celebrate the unique role played by Communication and Information Technologies (CIT: Telecom/ICT-Internet/Broadcasting & Posts) in the development of Africa as well as its invaluable contribution towards the objective of achieving integration and unity of the continent.

The next edition is expected in November 2014 . 


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