Street Child Enrolls 225 in School


The Project coordinator of street work of Street Child of Liberia, Mr. Teh Bowdior has said that the end of Ebola in Liberia will give the humanitarian organization a chance to help more children who are survivors of the virus.

Bowdior told the Daily Observer in an interview yesterday at its Monrovia office that his organization has returned 225 children to school with all expenses paid.

“Like everything else our work was affected by the Ebola outbreak,” Bowdior said, “and now that we have been successful to win the war, it will give us the chance to increase our beneficiaries when funding is available.”

Bordior said he has 33 volunteers working in Monrovia communities to identify deserving children who are practically living on the streets as well as those who survived the Ebola virus disease.

 Though there are more than 400 children who are benefiting from Street Child’s education support and business scheme, Bowdior said many would be helped in the future.

Street workers from Street Child are also working in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County to be able to help other needy children there.

“When our trained field workers identify a beneficiary,” Bowdior said, “they provide psychosocial counseling and find out why the child lives on the street.”

 He noted that the parent or the guardian of the affected child is then approached and after several interventions, the child is sent to a school of their choice with school fees fully paid for the year.

 “Then we introduce the business scheme and provide what is considered as seed money to the parent or guardian, after a group seminar on how to manage a business,” Bowdior explained.

 To ensure sustainability, Bowdior said a team of volunteers monitor the child at home and at school. He said the process has worked effectively and many children are returned to their parents and guardians.

Street Child of Liberia has provided material, educational and financial assistance to families of 400 children in Monrovia, Buchanan, VOA, Dolo’s Town, among other places before, during and after the Ebola outbreak.


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