Soniewein Residents Suffer Foul Drainage Smell


The Central Monrovia Soniewein residents have expressed annoyance over the foul smell from the refuse filled gutter that passes through Center, Lynch and Johnson Streets.

Residents interviewed yesterday complained that they are greatly offended by the disgusting sewage system and the filthy drainage that they have endured for years.

“The horrible smell in these nearby communities is an embarrassment to us,” a resident complained, “and those of us who live here, including the Montgomery Dry Cleaning on Lynch Street, the Church of Lord Aladura on Center Street among others want the city corporation to do something about it.”

Residents pointed out to our reporter, “This gutter needs to be cleaned to ensure we have a safe environment for ourselves and our children and so some authority must do something about this.”

A 74-year-old resident, who identified himself as Dweh, said, “When we get in the rainy season months of May, June and July we will not be able to live here in peace.” He said he has lived in the community for the last twenty three years.

 “We need the Monrovia City Mayor to have compassion on us and send her workers to come help us clean the drainage,” he pleaded.

When contacted, the Chairman for the Joint Committee Responsible for the Central Monrovia Drainage System (JCRCMD), Rodney P. Anderson, said his committee has met with a representative of the Ministry of Public Works, Deputy for Technical Operations Mr. Claude Langley on the matter.

 He quoted Langley regretting the filthy condition and said the Ministry of Public Works has a tradition of cleaning the drainage every year before the raining season.

He reported that Langley informed his committee that a budget of US$2,000 has already been allotted (by the Public Works Ministry) to clean all drainages in central Monrovia.

Anderson meanwhile appealed to the community residents to remain patient as the Joint Committee responsible for the cleaning of the drainage will do its duty at the right time.

He, however, frowned on the various community chairmen that have neglected to attend regular meetings to be updated on the status of community issues in Soniewein.


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