Remain Faithful and Committed



On Tuesday December 31st the Senior Pastor of the Paynesville Pillar of Fire Church, Pastor Bertha Richards, said Liberians should remain committed and faithful to God as citizens of a Christian nation.

Speak during the Watch Night service held on the main compound of the Church in the Rock Hill Community, she said Liberians need to live as examples to other nations because it is known by others that Liberia was built on a Christian foundation.

Speaking on the theme “Lord give me One more Chance”, she pointed out that God has given Liberia another chance so that Liberians can repent and turn to the ways of God.

“The 10 years of peace we are celebrating today is a sign that God has given Liberia another chance. This chance was given so that Liberians can turn from their wicked ways. We were also given this chance to show how faithful we are when it comes to the things of God,” she declared.

However, many at times people will want to turn away from the things of God because of the kind of situation they are faced with. But that situation is just a test of time. We all are faced with different situations because Jesus wants to know how committed and faithful we are”, she said.

Pastor Richards compared the human race to the fig tree in the Bible that always disappointed the man who planted it.

“We are like the fig three in Luke 13:6, who could not bear fruit for three years. The man who created us comes to check on us but is always disappointed because we are not living according to his will,” Pastor Richards carefully explained.

She asked congregation: “Today we are asking for another chance; what do we want to do with this second chance?”

She further encouraged Liberians to have self- control and be gentle in their manner.


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