‘Live in Harmony’

Mr. and Mrs. Boakai Curley, newly wedded couple showcasing a different style of wedding dress code in Liberia.jpg


A Catholic Priest has urged married couples in the country to maintain there marital vows by living in harmony with each other.

Rev. Fr. Francis Johnson, priest of St. Anthony Parish in Gardnerville, outside Monrovia made the statement recently when he performed the wedding ceremony of Ms. Famatta Cole Dukuly and Mr. Francis Boakai Curley as husband and wife.

The wedding program was attended by officials of government and the couples’ families and friends.

According to Rev. Fr. Johnson, “God gives married couples the grace they need to live together as a family,” he adding that, it is a Biblical duty for husband and wife to fulfill the promise of God for the family.

He warned the couples and all others that marriage was not an institution to fondle with; stressing: “When you are not ready please go and sit down.”

The Catholic priest also admonished the couple to be faithful to each other and put God first in everything that they do because with God all things are possible.

Rev. Johnson also called on mothers and fathers to advise their children on marriage, instead of leaving them to make wrong decisions on their own.

“Over the past years, love has vanished, marriage has faltered, and children have been harmed by other so-called “foster” parents,” said Fr. Johnson.

Meanwhile, Mr. Francis Boakai Curley, Human Resources Officer of the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) assigned in Kenya and groom, urged youths to be careful in selecting their partners for life.

“Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman,” he said.

Mr. Curley acknowledged his wife by saying she is everything to him and that he is proud of her one-hundred percent.


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