Liberians Pray for Ebola, Other Calamities to Pass over Nation


Several hundred Liberians gathered Wednesday, August 6, on Tubman Boulevard, the main thoroughfare leading to Monrovia, to pray to God for his intervention and healing of their land from the present calamities and all forms of evil.

They joined thousands of Liberian Christians in observing a national three-day fast and prayer for their nation, which is grappling with the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD).

The disease has so far claimed 130 lives in confirmed cases. However, Liberia’s Health and Social Welfare Ministry has also reported that another 155 persons have been suspected and probably confirmed to have died, too, from the virus, which has killed more than 800 persons in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The Christians lay prostrate before their God at a location adjacent to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Sinkor, Liberia’s biggest referral hospital, along the Boulevard.

“Every demonic alter that has been built against this nation, be destroyed in the name of JESUS. Ebola, homosexuality, lesbianism, zoes, masonic demonic spirits, be destroyed in the name of JESUS…!” prayed the pastor leading the intercessory prayer service.

These words were repeated by the crowd, some of whom stood across the street because there was no more room on the ground to host everyone attending.

The crowd thunderously repeated every prayerful word of the pastor, and loudest of all the words was when they called the name of JESUS.

They prostrated themselves Wednesday before God, asking Him to save them and their land from the “wicked one,” whom they said is the devil, and all his cohorts.

According to Pastor Allen Duo, they were invoking the presence of God so that He (God) will deliver Liberia from the calamities that have befallen the nation.

Pastor Duo, who also goes by the alias “Pastor No Fear,” is the spiritual head of a charismatic Christian group, Gospel Safari Able God Ministry.

He told the Daily Observer Wednesday, August 6, in an exclusive interview that wickedness and sins were being committed in the nation daily, and that the nation needs the intervention of God so that it can once again become a better place to live.

Those who gathered on the street came from different Christian churches.

 Pastor Duo said over the next three days, he and his team would move to different locations in the city; and on the third and last day of the fast and prayer, they would assemble on the grounds of the Executive Mansion to pray for the land.

The Executive Mansion is the official seat of Liberia’s Chief Executive, the President.


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