THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE MOST COMPASSIONATE, THE MOST MERCIFUL All praise belongs to Allah; and may His peace and blessings be upon His Prophet, his household, his companions and all those who rightly follow their foot-steps. Ameen!

In our last edition we quoted five verses of Al-Qur’an from chapter forty seven. Verse twenty two  makes crystal clear that if, for any purported reason, people: “fail to obey Allah’s command,” there would be no doubt that such people would eventually entertain nothing less than cultivating in their minds and behavioral pattern, but “a fixed purpose, to make mischief and create discord on  earth and break the ties of a common blood and of uterine consanguinity”. Verse twenty three of the said chapter then goes on to indicate and further emphasize the fact that history records that: “Such-like persons are those whom Allah has afflicted with such evils as indicate a malignant fate and has defeated the ears of their hearts and blinded the eyes of their minds”. Of course, it goes without saying that those who will fail to learn lesson from history and dare to follow suit, will eventually suffer similar fate.

With this in mind, and taking into serious consideration the fragility of socio-national, relations, we think it is worthwhile that deliberate on these  quoted verses; so as to admonish us all against falling prey to the punishment befell on those preceded us. The fact is that we claim to be religious and cultural; yet, the “malignant” of our fate continues to defeat the ears of our hearts and blind the eyes of our minds. So, in our today’s edition, we will, by Allah’s grace, endeavour to continue elaborating on the danger associated with severing relations/ties. In chapter two verses twenty six and twenty seven, the Holy Scripture emphatically assert thus:

“Allah is by no means reluctant through fear of shame to give an allegorical representation using a creature as small as a gnat or a large creature to describe a subject under the guise of some other subject of aptly suggestive resemblance intended to convey a useful lesson by which moral and spiritual relations are typically set forth. As to those whose  hearts have been impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues, they know well that the simile narrated by Allah, their Creator, is the truth personified as it both illustrates and ennobles the subject. But those who deny Allah wonder to hear Allah talk after this manner and they say: ‘What does Allah mean by such parable?’ In effect such parables as Allah discourses are intended to stray the many who counsel deaf to the truth and to guide the many who have clean hearts to be the path of rectitude, and He (Allah) only misguides the wicked who confirm themselves in the horrid purpose and the ill intention, the wicked who do not fulfill their covenant with Allah after they have solemnly vowed to Him to do what has been enjoined, who disjoin humanity and policy instead of being joined together, and separate the two hands that join one another in fidelity, and who disjoin all that Allah has ordained be joined together, and make mischief on earth and create discord, these are they who were born to be great losers” (2:26-27). 

What we gather from the first of two verses quoted above is that Scriptural parables are both test and guidance for members of human-family and jinn-kind as well. In that, those who are far and foresighted, find no difficulty in appreciating Divine arable and willingly submitting themselves to adhere to the teachings of such parable. This category of people are known and referred to as “servants of Allah”. They are people who are not only “humble and meek with their co-religionists and proud-hearted and hauty toward the infidels”, but also take pride in striving “in the cause of Allah not caring what people say” negatively against them”. The Scripture describes such characteristic as: “the grace of Allah; He confers on whom He will, and Allah is Omnipresent, Omniscient”. The Scripture then goes on to emphasize that: “Indeed the only tutelary guardian you have ( O Muslims) is Allah, and the only tutelary friends you have are His (Allah’s) Messenger and those whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand, who engage in the act of worship, give alms and kneel to Allah in adoration. And (it goes without saying that) who chooses to be under the tutelage of Allah and takes His Messenger and takes also those whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand as his tutelary friends shall find that Allah’s party is destined to attain the desired end” (5:54-56).

The above quoted verse reminds us of the covenants Allah made with the children of Israel with regard to family and national decorum. The Scripture tells us that Allah enjoined the children of Israel by decreeing thus: (1) “You worship no one but Allah”; (2) adore Allah with appropriate acts and rites; (3) commit your parents to your kind care and display to them and to your kindred who are related by blood and to the orphans and to the poor a friendly and kind disposition; (4) talk to people with eloquence and forbearance and engage in the act of worship and give alms, for alms are but the vehicles of prayer”. Again, the Scripture goes on further to assert thus: “And again We (Allah) entered with you into another covenant, thus: (5) You do not shed your own blood, nor oust each other from your own dwellings; (6) you give sanction to it and bore witness to its validity as stated in your own Book-the Torah” (2:83-84).

Of course, these covenants were made to the children of Israel; and they: “counseled deaf and paid no attention, with the exception of a few who opened the ears of their hearts and heeded Our (Allah’s) ordinance”. The Scripture further goes on to assert that in addition to paying deaf counsel, they also: “ignore the principles which you have ratified and kill each other and oust some of your own people from their from their homes and you ally yourselves with their enemies in sin and transgression against the divine law and the principles of morality, and when some of them fall in captivity you revert, then, to the principles in the Torah and redeem them, albeit the same principles forbid you to shed your own blood nor to oust each other from your homes. Do you people credit part of the Book upon the ground of Allah’s authority and discredit part upon the ground of your authority! Indeed, he who adopts this line of conduct shall suffer for his offence; he shall be lost to shame here, and Hereafter shall such-like persons be delivered to the abyss with its torrential scorching and roaring flames where they shall suffer torment and be put to the torture: and Allah is not unaware of what you do” (2:83-85). Astonishingly, we who claim to be Jews, Christians and Muslims read these and many other stories in our respective Holy Scriptures, but take no heed there from. What a misjudgment!


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