Catholic Church Ordains 3 as Priests


The Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Monrovia, Rev. Lewis J. Zeigler, has urged three young priests to be focused in discharging their responsibility as shepherds, adding that “the word of God was not a property but said be a constituent of the word.”

The St. Kizito Catholic Church on Saturday December 14, 2013 ordained three young men as priests by an Archbishop Rev. Lewis J. Zeigler, after inquiry among the Christian people and recommendation by those responsible.

The Archbishop said, “After a mature decision, prayers, these young men will be ordained as priests and ready to serve God, they are young, good looking, and handsome but need the encouragement to be steadfast he added.”

The Archbishop has at the same called on members of the Catholic Church to encourage the newly ordained priests for the journey and at the same warned the members, adding that “desists from any act that has the propensity to undermine the priesthood.”

Doing the ordination, the Bishop however called on the three newly priests to take the confident to impacts to everyone, but maintains that “it’s important to remember those who contributed including your teachers, mother, and father as a good shepherd in the land.”   

The bishop has reminded the newly ordained priest to take advantage of their usefulness when discharging to the needed, but “called on them to put away childhood behavior and have a life style that will tell us who you are in the church, the Bishop said.”

According to the Rev. Lewis J. Zeigler, the ordination of the three young men comes after a nine years of studies and observation by responsible, well known members of the Catholic Church, proving that all the brothers are worthy to be priests.

The Archbishop has at the same time celled on the relative and friends of the newly ordained priests to give the hand support, adding that “ you are human being, and human make mistake but see your usefulness were your life can be what you stand for as priest.”

“Guard them and give them what they need in order to get them strong, not taking care of their need will make them to embezzle the church funds.”

The Archbishop Rev. Lewis J Zeigler said “be exemplifiers of the word of God, if that is done, Liberia will have a good priests and the church of the lord will give to the need.”

He said, it was important to be a brother keepers, adding that the late Michael Francis must be remember for his many supports and the thing he left with the people of Christ.

“Do not allow anyone to fool you by beauty, dress code and others that will carry the priesthood life style astray, causing all of you to be negatively seen in the church of the lord.”


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