Bethel Bishop Slams ‘Gay Marriage’


The Bishop-designate of the Bethel Cathedral of Hope, Dr. M. Wolo Belleh, has disclosed that the Cathedral has no space in its operations to entertain gay marriage or homosexuality.

In an interview with the Daily Observer over the weekend, Bishop-designate Belleh slammed the practice of homosexuality and gay marriage, adding: “The Word of God is against same-sex marriage.”

As a clergyman, Belleh declared that same-sex marriage remains an issue that God does not accommodate.

“I’m anti same-sex marriage because the Holy Bible speaks against it. This is not something that God supports or promotes in His word, so we are against it strongly. As representative of God’s kingdom, I think this is something we shouldn’t ever accommodate or encourage. This is something we should speak against at all times because our Lord does not encourage it in any part of the Bible. It’s something we should discourage and pray that it should not be legitimized in our country,” Bishop Belleh asserted.

He maintained that the Holy Bible is clear on the issue of gay marriage, and as such, “any attempt to make it part of our practice is against God’s will.”

Dr. Belleh also spoke about his new position as Bishop-designate to head the Liberia mission within the Bethel World Outreach Ministries International.

The decision of his selection was made at the 14th Bi-Annual Conference of the Bethel World Outreach Ministries International in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire from 11th to 16th February 2014.

According to information provided by the church, Abidjan hosted delegates from three continents — North America, Europe and Africa.

Bethel World Outreach Ministries International traditionally convenes its international conference every two years.

Commenting on the conference, Bishop Belleh disclosed that it involved major structural changes, including national representatives who were elevated to the office of national overseers. These included new national overseers for Training, Documentation and Policy Implementations and six new Regional Bishops, who were designated to serve over Dioceses in various countries.

Bishop Belleh revealed: “Because Liberia is the largest in terms of mission in the ministries cycle, I was designated to serve as the first Diocesan Bishop for the Liberia Diocese. Liberia was raised from National Mission to a diocese. The preparation for our consecration/coronation will be scheduled shortly in the United States. It will involve teaching, training, impartation and one-on-one engagement with the Arch-bishop of the Bethel World Outreach Ministries International, His Grace Bishop Darlingston G. Johnson, Bishop and Presiding Prelate.”

Considering the enormous role that this office assumes, Bishop Belleh said, “We intend to strengthen the office of the National Overseer and staff, and raise up new district coordinators to oversee and work in a coordinated manner to move the diocese to the next level.”

Bishop Belleh’s ascendency commemorates his 25 years of service in the Ministry and his Golden Jubilee. His coronation takes place in about a year in the United States.


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